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Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Haf Brothers ~

When mom returned from my Oma's, (Liselotte Haf née Kaiser-Saule ~ 1913-2010) memorial service in April of 2010, the above original photo and  newspaper article were among the many photos and documents mom hand carried back with her. My Oma had a treasure trove of family history I hadn't seen before and I am so grateful that mom brought the entire box of all these treasures to me before she passed away in July of 2010.

For the last four years, I have wanted to know what this newspaper article said . . . thanks to a wonderful kind friend and blogger, Barbara Schmidt over at  Barbara Schmidt - Genealogy - Ahnenforschung - Family Research - Corporate History, she offered to translate this newspaper article for me . . . thank you so much Barbara!

The newspaper article is about my grandfather, Adalbert Haf ~ (1907-1968), his family, his brothers, the Great War and WWII . . . the loss of many of his brothers in the family due to the war. Mom had told me that there were nineteen children in the family . . . two of which I believe may have died at birth or were miscarried.

Original photo and newspaper article ~

Left to right ~
- Grandfather of yours truly, Adalbert Haf (1907-1968) , Karl Haf, Mathias Haf, Maxmillian Haf, and 
Ludwig Haf. 

My guess and I do not know for sure, that this may have printed in the local Augsburger Newspaper. There is no date or name of newspaper.

Headline ~  Eight Sons wore the field grey coat ~

Below the photo ~ Five Sons of the family Haf, which are under weapons right now. 

Eight sons of the parents Adalbert and Emilie Haf, living in Augsburg, Kurze Wertachstrasse 16b (that's the address), have been enlisted for defending their fatherland in 2 wars. Four of them stood in the world war 1914-1918 at different fronts. The oldest son went missing 1916 on the Romanian battlefields. The second son contracted a heavy tropical disease with the fighting troops in the Orient and the third son got gravely wounded at the west front. The fourth son returned healthy from the west front, but died shortly after the end of the Great War of a tragical accident back home. In the current war the four younger sons and a fifth who already served in the Great War were called to the flags (meaning: called to the troops). One was part of the crusade in Poland and afterwards went on the mission west. Three of them battled at the Maginot-Line and one is serving as a shooter in Poland. Those 5 sons who are shown in the picture above were brought together by a coincidence in their hometown after being separated for a year. One grandchild of the parents suffered the heroic death in September 1939. The aged mother, who gave birth to 17 children, carries the mother cross in gold.   

Even though the article does not mention names (and how I wished it did), I gleaned so much information from one newspaper article that I didn't know before. I am currently working on a book for my Haf-Kaiser (maternal) side of the family . . . German research is frustrating and difficult to say the least but I am learning so much about my family . . . this article and photo will happily fill several pages of my book.  It's Genealogical Random Acts of Kindness such as Barbara helping to translate documents like this, that help discover the stories and events that happened in your ancestors lives . . . thank you again, Barbara! 

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From this article, I also discovered that Adalbert (1868-1952) and Emilie Haf (1871-1944) lived in the same building that my grandfather, Adalbert, my Oma, my mom and her brothers lived in on Kurze Wertachstrasse 16a . . . and I was born at that address. I was able to see this wonderful building when mom and I visited in 1967 . . . Oma resided there until she went into a nursing home.

~ After recent remodel (2013) ~ 

~ Prior to remodel ~ this was the entrance to my Oma and mom's home . . . also where I was born ~
Photos taken by my cousin, Marion ~ 2013 ~ Thank you, cousin. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sentimental Sunday ~ Birthday Wishes to Terry ~

~   8 June 1965 ~ End of watch: 26 June 2003 ~

Happy Birthday, Terry 
~ Rest in Peace "Tigger" ~

The wonderful thing about Tiggers.....Is Tiggers are wonderful things.....Their tops are made out of rubber.....The bottoms are made out of springs.....They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy.....Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.....But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is.....I'm the only one.....The wonderful thing about Tiggers.....Is Tiggers are wonderful chaps.....They're loaded with vim and vigor.....They love to leap in your laps.....They're jumpy, bumpy, clumpy, thumpy.....Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun.....But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is.....I'm the only one.....Tiggers are cuddly fellows.....Tiggers are awfully sweet.....Everyone else is jealous..... That's why I repeat.....The wonderful thing about Tiggers.....Is Tiggers are wonderful things.....Grrrrrrrrrrrrr ! ! ! !

Winnie the Pooh

Friday, June 6, 2014

In Remembrance of Keith Tiffany & Ron Ebeltoft ~

July 2, 1948 ~ End of Watch: June 6, 1981

July 27, 1946 ~ End of Watch: June 6, 1981
~ Rest in Peace Keith and Ron ~

"Patrolman Tiffany and Patrolman Ronald Ebeltoft were shot and killed after responding to a dispute between two neighbors over the placement of a rose bush. During the dispute one of the men assaulted the other. As both officers were standing outside of the suspect’s home the man snuck up behind them and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing both officers."  ~ San Diego Police Historical Association

My husband had introduced his sister to Keith, they fell in love and were married just a short time after meeting each other . . . they had only been married for six months when Keith was taken.

It was a very sad day as we lost both Keith and his partner Ronald R. Ebeltoft.   Keith and Ron are buried right next to each other.

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Source: San Diego County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation
Full Story here provided by the San Diego Police Historical Association, a wonderful historical site of our law enforcement.