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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Remembering my Grandmother, Liselotte Haf née Kaiser~Saule ~

~ Unvergessen ~ 

On this day, six years ago, my maternal grandmother, Liselotte Haf née Kaiser-Saule,   (1913 ~ 2010), passed away peacefully in her sleep. Oma was 96 years old . . . she lived a long life.

Oma survived her city, Augsburg, being bombed and having to take her twin boys to a shelter while my mom was carted off to a farm outside the city for safety for several months. She raised three wonderful children and was there for my grandfather, Adalbert (1907 ~ 1968) when he was shot in the shoulder while serving in the war.

How I wish I could sit and talk with her about all those experiences and learn more about her life . . . she is very missed but I know she is with my mom, Elfriede (1933 ~ 2010) her twin sons, Helmut (1940 ~ 1994) and Adi (1940 ~ 2004), and my grandfather, doing what she did so well, taking care of her family . . . we love you Oma ~

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Photo taken at my wedding reception on, Sept. 24, 1988, in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Webb, my mother and father-in-law. My Oma was visiting from Augsburg, Germany, so we planned the wedding around her visit . . . what a blessing it was to have both Oma and my mom with me that day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday ~ Father and Daughter ~

My (yours truly) maternal grandfather , Adalbert Haf b. 27 Feb 1907 ~ d. 9 Feb 1968 and
my mom, Elfriede Haf, b. 21 Mar 1933 ~ d. 21 July 2010 ~  
I am guessing this photo was taken when mom was about six or seven, so maybe in 1940 or 1941. 
It's so neat to see my mom as a little girl . . . so cute with her little hat. Love this photo. 

~ The original ~ 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Blogiversary ~ 7 Years Today ~

~  My desk during the holidays 2015 ~

It's hard to believe I have had my blog for seven years now. It seems like yesterday that I was so nervous about it all!  Not that I still don't get nervous but blogging has definitely taken a back seat due to my daily life and family happenings.  Just not enough time in the day!

I am working on several family history projects that I started several years back . . . I am now just getting back to completing them . . . two family history books and a memorial album for ancestors that have passed away that my mom (1933~2010) started before she passed . . . I am looking forward to blogging about some of those projects as I complete them. I have much to catch up on my blog here, in my office and researching.

My family and I took a trip to visit my Aunt Ginnie in Kentucky in August of 2015 . . . great trip! Took lots of photos of the Cloverport Cemetery and the graves of many ancestors that are buried there . . . quaint little town and Kentucky is so beautiful. Visited family in Missouri and cousins in Rowlett, Texas where they were hit pretty hard recently by a tornado, family is all okay there thank goodness. I hope to blog about that trip also.

Blogging has connected me to so many wonderful friends, family and fellow genealogists, how Blessed I am.

Here's to many more years of being a part of a wonderful genealogy community and meeting many more cousins and friends.