Friday, July 21, 2023

Remembering My Beautiful Mom ~

Elfriede Haf 
21 March 1933 ~ 21 July 2010 

"But behind all your stories is always your mother's story, 
because hers is where yours begins." ~ Mitch Albom 

This quote was found on fellow Family Historian, Dawn's @modernheirloom 


On this day, thirteen July's have come and gone since my beautiful mom passed. I say this every year, but it just doesn't feel like thirteen years ago, it feels like yesterday to me, still. 

Mom's passing has affected me significantly. None of us expected it and it is still hard to believe she is not here with us. Life just hasn't been the same but I know she would want me to keep on keeping and that's what I try to do.  I think of her everyday, feel her in little things that I do in my daily life. The older I get, I see her in me more and more and I am happy that I am very much like her in many ways. I miss her so much, more than words could ever express. 

This photo of my mom is one of my very favorites of her. I believe (not 100%) that she is pregnant with me when this was taken. I remember her saying something about that when she gave me this photo. This framed photo sits on my counter in my kitchen next to her mom's (my Oma, Liselotte Haf née Kaiser ~ 1913 - 2010) recipe for one or our favorite Christmas cookies. I get to glance at it everyday and it always makes me smile.  Love and miss you Mom ~