Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wedding Anniversary of Liselotte and Adalbert Haf ~

Oma and Opa would have been married for 79 years, today.

Happy Anniversary!

~ With love from your granddaughter, the keeper of your memories.

My maternal Grandparents ~
Lieselotte 'Liselotte' Kaiser-Saule Haf  ~ 19 Dec 1913 ~ 5 Apr 2010
Adalbert Haf ~ 27 Feb 1907 ~ 09 Feb 1968

Friday, October 21, 2011

The Wedding Anniversary of Emilie and Adalbert Haf ~

Today, one-hundred and seventeen years ago,  Emilie Haf nee Schallhammer (1871-1944), married my maternal great-grandfather, Adalbert Haf (1868-1952) on the 21st of October, in 1894 in Pfronten, Ostallgau, Bayern, Germany. My grandfather, Adalbert Haf (1907-1968) was one of the 19 children, our Emilie and Adalbert gave birth to . . . several had passed away early on, and some of the boys had died in WWII. I have so little information on Emilie and some of the children. My beautiful mom (1933-2010) and I were just getting into the history of our Haf family and this portrait, before she passed. I am  researching and asking as many questions as I can with my only living Aunt in Germany, my uncle's wife.

Both passed before I was born so I never had the opportunity to get to know either great-grandparent. As far as I know, this is the only photo I have of, Oma Emilie.

Because many of my grandfather's siblings had passed or were in the military...not all are shown in this family portrait. The two framed photos sitting on the floor in front of my great aunt Fannie, and my great grandfather,  are my great-great grandparents, Mathias (1839-1902) and Franziska (nee Behringer) Haf (1838-1900)...the only portraits I know that exist of them.  I do not have all of the names of my ancestors in this photo.  There are names written on the back but a bit confusing as to who is who and for several, there is no name at all, so I am working on identifying each ancestor correctly (hopefully). The two adults sitting and to the right in the photo, are cousins of my great grandfather (sadly, no names).

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The Haf family portrait is very large and would not fit on my 8.5 x 11 Canon scanner, so I used my Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and stitched the portrait together...because of my Flip-Pal, I am now able to scan and share several photos I have in my collection.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my uncles, Adi and Helmut ~


Today, seventy-one years ago,  my Uncles, Helmut (1940 ~1994) and
Adalbert (1940 ~ 2004) identical twins, were born in Augsburg, Germany, to Adalbert and Liselotte Haf née Kaiser-Saule. 

They are dearly missed and forever in our hearts.
Happy Birthday!

Ich liebe dich

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In memory of my Uncle Adalbert ~


~  In loving memory of my maternal Uncle Adi ~
3 October 1940 ~ 2 October 2004

We love and miss you ~

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Photos in above collage ~

My Aunt Gitta and Uncle Adi ( I believe this is when or around the time they first met!)
My cousin Marion and her father, Uncle Adi dancing
Wedding photo ~ Aunt Gitta's father, my Uncle Helmut (b. 03 Oct 1940 ~ d. 20 Dec 1994). . . Uncle Adi's identical twin, my grandfather Adalbert Haf (b. 04 Dec 1868 ~ d. 09 Feb 1968), and Aunt Gitta and Uncle Adi
Uncle Adi standing next to his car
Uncle Adi's memorial card (center)
Uncle Adi

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Dates and names to many whom are in the photos above (and in my personal photo collection) that I inherited when mom and Oma passed, are unknown at this time. My cousin, Marion in Germany and I are working together with her mom, my Aunt Gitta, to determine dates and persons in many of the photos that mom and I were going over prior to her death in July of 2010.  I hope to fill in the blanks to many or all of these photos.