Monday, June 18, 2018

1900~ 1941 ~ Birthday of Cousin Edgar G. Sirles ~

Remembering my first cousin, twice removed, Edgar G. Sirles (1900~1941) . . . son of James T. Sirles (1874~1930) and second great aunt to yours truly, Rosetta 'Rokie' nee Jarboe. Great-grandfather to my third cousin, once removed, Kerry (we connected via DNA) . . . on what would be his 118th birthday today. 

Happy Birthday Cousin Edgar ~ 

Photo courtesy of owner, cousin Kerry J. McGehee nee Berghuis
with permission to use ~ 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Postcards From Germany ~ Augsburg, Germany ~

Postcards From Germany Series ~ You can read the original story behind these postcards here ~


Augsburg, Rathaus und Perlach bei Nacht
Aus Bildband:
Augsburg die Stadt des Pyrs u. Reichsadler 
Verlag W. Muller, Augsburg, von-Paris-Str. 11 Tel. 2 67 96
Foto: Hans W. Silvester 
WM 15 536

Translation ~
Augsburg, Town Hall and Perlach at night
From illustrated book:
Augsburg the city of Pyrs u. imperial eagle
Verlag W. Muller, Augsburg, from-Paris-Str. 11 Tel. 2 67 96
Photo: Hans W. Silvester
WM 15 536 
Date of postcard: Unknown


Maximillianstrasse mit Rathaus und Perlach
Hans Andres Verlag, Munchen - Foto: Hans Hartz

Translation ~

Maximilianstra├če with town hall and Perlach
Hans Andres Verlag, Munich - Photo: Hans Hartz


Rathaus und Perlachturn

Translation ~
Town Hall and Perlachturn

Photo from my cousin, Marion ~ Town Hall Christmas Market
The Rathaus and Perlachturn in 2016