Monday, January 31, 2011

The Breckenridge News ~ January 31, 1906

This day-to-day coming and going's, of  my Tabeling/Beavin/Dunn family history~

Cloverport, Kentucky
Wednesday,  January 31, 1906

Fritz Tabeling went to Hardinsburg Wednesday.
Mrs. Lena Beavin, of Kirk, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunn also her sister, Mrs. Frank Tabeling Sunday.

Albert "Fritz" Tabeling (1870-1919) is my paternal great grandfather...Lena Beavin, would be related to Lillie Mae (Pate) Tabeling (1879-1919), my great grandmother and wife of Albert Tabeling, through Lillie Mae's mother, Delila Beavin (researching birth & death dates) is my 2nd great grandmother. Mrs. Frank Tabeling, Nellie Elizabeth (Dunn) Tabeling (1882-1969), wife of my great grand uncle, Joseph "Frank" Tabeling (1876-1939). 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Albert F. Tabeling ~ 1870 ~ 1919

Lillie Mae and Albert "Fritz" Tabeling

Lillie Mae and Albert Tabeling, my Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather. Lillie Mae died from a miscarriage complicated by the flu, and Albert died along with several of thier children, from the 1919 Flu Epidemic in Cloverport, Kentucky.


~ Rest in Peace ~

Monday, January 24, 2011

Charles A. Tabeling ~ 1873 ~ 1959

Charles A. Tabeling
~ 24 August 1873 ~ 24 January 1959 ~

Today, marks fifty-two years, my paternal great uncle Charles A. Tabeling, passed away. Charles, would be the 5th child out of eleven children born to John Henry and Augusta (Oelze) Tabeling, and the brother to my great grandfather, Albert Fritz Tabeling (1870~1919).

Charles married Susan Ida Ryan in 1895, in Cloverport, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, they had ten children.

I have several day-to-day newspaper clips from THE BRECKINRIDGE NEWS, on the comings and goings of the Tabeling and Pate families. I would like to post these "going ons" in an "on this day" calendar as much as possible, that coincides with our current day.

I have only acquired a small amount of these one or two liner day-to-day "going-ons"-- but I am having quite a bit of fun researching and browsing through, learning about the life and times of my Ancestors'.

Even though we have passed the 11th of January, in my great uncle Charles memory, I am posting one of my favorite "going-ons" that is related to him, today...

The Breckinridge News
Cloverport, Kentucky, Wednesday, January 11, 1905

*Born, to the wife of Chas. Tabeling, a boy.
*Chas Tabeling had a telephone put in his house this week, on the line to Jolly

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Photo of the Charles Tabeling family, was given to me electronically from my distant cousin, W. Armstrong who is a direct descendant of the Ryan family. It is said the owner of the original photo may be, Perry Ryan.  I also learned of the daily going-ons in The Breckinridge News of our Tabeling and Pate family line from my cousin, W. Armstrong...thank you!

Sadly, I do not know the names of each child in the above photo...since I don't have a possible date or year of this is difficult and will take time to figure out the approximate ages of the children. Charles A. Tabeling is standing and holding his cane, his wife, Susan Ida Ryan, is seated next to him with one of their children in her lap. Charles and Susan owned their own farm, near Glen Dean, KY.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Izzy!

Wishing our granddaughter, Izzy, a very Happy 4th Birthday today!

Party on princess...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ginisology ~ my 2nd Blogiversary ~

Today marks the second year for Ginisology! It went by fast and so much in my family history took place in 2010.  

I have only been researching and working on my family history for three years now, and actually, in reality only two years...I am not going to count 2010, because I really wasn't able to spend alot of time doing actual research on my family.  

With the loss of my Oma, (Grandmother), Liselotte Haf, and my Beautiful mom within several months of each other, daily life, and grandchildren. . .blogging took a back seat.  Needless to say, it was a very tough year for so many of us. It was very difficult to want to blog. Aside from that, in order to blog about our Ancestors and family history, one needs to have the information, history and the stories to document and share on ones blog. 

My plan for 2011, God willing, is to really buckle down and do some serious researching, to discover and learn about my Ancestors and the lives they lived...then, I will be able to blog about our family history. To honor and keep their memories alive and to have it "written and noted" for future generations that may have an interest in knowing all about us.

I have come a long way since I first started my blogging journey. My reasons for doing my genealogy have become stronger and much more passionate and serious,  I have set goals that I want to accomplish.  I even created another blog, Remembering This Day in Our History that holds and creates a timeline of the birthdays', deaths', and anniversaries of my ancestors past. I had first seen this timeline/calendar idea over at Vickie's, On this and thought it was a wonderful way to learn and get to know our Ancestors, thank you Vickie for the inspiration!

I love reading ALL the wonderful genealogy blogs out there, I have learned so much from fellow bloggers who are so supportive and helpful, I could not have done it without you...and treasured friendships have been made...thank you.  So, here's to buckling down and getting busy with my own family history and to blog for our family.

As I said in my Blogiversary post last year....
Thank you all for your help, support and friendships, here's to many more years to keeping up the search and posting about our journeys and about the Ancestors that brought us here.

And to me, the keeper of our memories...Happy Blogiversary Ginisology!

My inspiration quote...

Step 1 ~ Let it in, let the goodness of your Life in.
Step 2 ~ Give Thanks for it.
Step 3 ~ Always, always give it back.

I have this printed and framed sitting on my desk to remind & inspire me daily. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

In Memory Of Dad ~

~ Our Dad ~
John Adam Eimes
27 Dec 1931 ~ 14 Jan 1997
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
Saint Louis, Missouri
You are missed,
with love,
~ Gini, John, Cathy and Gigi ~

The Next Exit!

I just received my new and updated 2011 edition, of the
best traveling companion a genealogy/family history researcher could have. It is definitely a must have and well worth it's weight in gold.

I had to share this wonderful tool with you that I have been using since 2008.  I keep The Next Exit in my car and it has come in handy so many times. When I took my first genealogy research trip from California to Kentucky in April of 2008, The Next Exit was a lifesaver and I wouldn't travel without it now. Even up to Los Angeles, which is only an hour and a half away, this book comes in handy.

It has every exit in every state, and this book will tell you what is at each exit, i.e. food, gas, camping, lodging, restaurants, hospitals, shopping and will tell you if there are any exits under construction.  I only wish cemeteries, libraries and family history centers were also listed...hmmm...may have to suggest that to the makers of this great book!

This exit directory, does exactly what it's purpose is intended to do. As we would choose our exit according to the directory, the facilities that were listed were actually right where they said they were!  It sure saved us time and gas (as it says on the cover!) I am not sure why I didn't think to share this sooner, but after receiving it today...I knew that it would be so helpful to so many of us that travel all over for our research. The user guide is very fact, I didn't even need to use it, that's how easy this directory is to use.  

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated nor have been asked to promote "The Next Exit." I am just a very happy customer who loves the product and swears by it. I paid full price and it's worth every penny. I am usually not one to post about these kinds of things but this was a must do. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Beautiful Kentucky ~

Near Taylorsville, Kentucky
Genealogy trip,  April of 2008

Photo taken by ~ Gini Webb

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday great aunt Ginny 1895 ~ 1966 ~

Virginia Lee "Ginny" (Ijames) Probst
1895 ~ 1966

Today, my great aunt Ginny would have been 116 years old! I sure wish 
I could have met her...Happy Birthday aunt Ginny!

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The  information I have on my great aunt Ginny is very little. I found a 1930 "Crews of Vessels" census report for Pittsburgh, PA, ruminated on April 7, 11, and the 14th, in 1930, where aunt Ginny was a cook for the ship (ship names are hard to read) and her husband John A. Probst (1897 ~ 1967) who was a seaman on the same ship. They had tied the knot on March 25th, 1925

The hunt continues...

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ~ 2011

Wishing my family and friends a healthy and happy 2011!

Thank you Graphics Fairy ~