Monday, January 31, 2011

The Breckenridge News ~ January 31, 1906

This day-to-day coming and going's, of  my Tabeling/Beavin/Dunn family history~

Cloverport, Kentucky
Wednesday,  January 31, 1906

Fritz Tabeling went to Hardinsburg Wednesday.
Mrs. Lena Beavin, of Kirk, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunn also her sister, Mrs. Frank Tabeling Sunday.

Albert "Fritz" Tabeling (1870-1919) is my paternal great grandfather...Lena Beavin, would be related to Lillie Mae (Pate) Tabeling (1879-1919), my great grandmother and wife of Albert Tabeling, through Lillie Mae's mother, Delila Beavin (researching birth & death dates) is my 2nd great grandmother. Mrs. Frank Tabeling, Nellie Elizabeth (Dunn) Tabeling (1882-1969), wife of my great grand uncle, Joseph "Frank" Tabeling (1876-1939). 

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