Friday, January 14, 2011

In Memory Of Dad ~

~ Our Dad ~
John Adam Eimes
27 Dec 1931 ~ 14 Jan 1997
Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
Saint Louis, Missouri
You are missed,
with love,
~ Gini, John, Cathy and Gigi ~


sjtaliaferro said...


A very nice tribute to your dad. I know you miss him a lot.


Barbara Poole said...

Hi Gini,
As Sandra said, this is a nice tribute to your dad. You always have a lovely way of putting your blog together, creative with photos and art work. I know this was done with lots of love. Peace to him and his family.

kinfolknews said...

What a lovely tribute to your Dad!

BeNotForgot said...

Hi Gini -- Lovely tribute to your Dad. Our Dad died almost exactly one year before yours, and we still miss him terribly, as I'm sure y'all do yours. I'm always coming up with some question that elicits a response of, "Sure wish Dad was still here. He would know the answer to that one." or "Dad would know what to do." Those particular "libraries of information" known as "my Dad" are completely irreplaceable, aren't they? {hugs} Vickie in Texas

Gini said...

Thank you all, I only wish that I had had more time with my Dad, we had only met about five years before he passed! In just the short time we did have together, like Vickie said, "he would have the answer to that one" or "know what to do" as he was helping me with my computer and business and sharing all that I had missed growing up with him. I am grateful for what I did have.

Thank you Barbara, Kinfolk, and Sandra, I am slowly learning, our ancestors sure deserve to be honored and I really want to preserve my family history as creatively as I am able! Have a ways to go but I am thankful for the inspiration and support from very creative bloggers out there.

Cathy Murphy said...

How beautiful Gini!! He was indeed a very smart man and I know he was proud his daughter was a teacher!!!! What a great tribute to our father! I know he is smiling down on you and saying thank you kiddo and he loves you. YOU WILL BE WITH HIM AGAIN!
Love Cathy

Robin said...


You always do such a wonderful job remember and honoring your ancestors. By the way, Happy Blog Anniversary!