Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Birthday great aunt Ginny 1895 ~ 1966 ~

Virginia Lee "Ginny" (Ijames) Probst
1895 ~ 1966

Today, my great aunt Ginny would have been 116 years old! I sure wish 
I could have met her...Happy Birthday aunt Ginny!

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The  information I have on my great aunt Ginny is very little. I found a 1930 "Crews of Vessels" census report for Pittsburgh, PA, ruminated on April 7, 11, and the 14th, in 1930, where aunt Ginny was a cook for the ship (ship names are hard to read) and her husband John A. Probst (1897 ~ 1967) who was a seaman on the same ship. They had tied the knot on March 25th, 1925

The hunt continues...


Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Gini! This is an interesting find! May you find many more!
Thanks for finding my blog and becoming a friend!


grace said...

What a wonderful tribute. I was doing something like this for a month and then fell off doing it. Will have to get back to my calendar. Glad I found your blog will be back to read your stories

Kathy Reed said...

Thanks to this post, I just found Shadowhouse Creations! I've got one more question -- did you have to buy photoshop to do these things? I noticed they have a lot of tutorials, based on photoshop.