Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy birthday dear Opa ~

27 February 1907
09 February 1968

My maternal grandfather, Adalbert Haf was born on this day in 1907. Opa, was one of 19 children born to Adalbert (1868-1952) and Emilie 'Schallhammer' (1871-1944) Haf,  in Germany. 
Happy birthday dear Opa! ~ 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday wishes to my brother Michael ~

Michael T. Eimes
23 Feb 1974 ~ 03 Aug 1992

Here's wishing our brother Michael a Happy Birthday.
Michael was taken away from us way too early.
We wish you here with us Michael, you are very missed...

Love, Gini
John, Cathy and Gigi


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remembering Opa ~ Adalbert Haf 1907 ~ 1968

I was only three years old when we left Germany and I remember very little about my Opa, Adalbert Haf, born, 27 Feb. 1907 and passed away on 09 Feb. 1968.

I do remember where I was and what I was doing, the day mom received the white envelope with the black border around it from Germany, announcing his death. I felt that closeness we shared in my heart, that my brain could not remember. I am the keeper of that announcement, and of all his photos now.

Mom had shared many stories with me about how very close Opa and I were up until mom and I left Germany, when I was three. He didn't want us to leave. I was stuck to him like glue, as he was with me, and would hang out with him in his workshop. I had my own set of tools that matched his, and if he hit his thumb with the did I! And when he hit his thumb and cursed in did I! Mom had said that no one would ever forget that one.

Opa was a German Mountain Trooper in Russia, during WWII. His military career ended when he was shot in the shoulder. When I was at the age of 13, Mom and I traveled back to Augsburg, Germany, our home town, for a four week visit...I do remember the wonderful times Opa and I had together...that was the last time I saw him before he passed.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday and birth of Beal Ijams 1767 ~ 1855

Today, in 1767, Beal Ijams, who is my paternal 4th great grandfather, is born in Anne Arundel Co., MD. to  John (1725-1781/7?) and Ariana (Worthington) Iiams (1729-1781).

After the death of his father [1781] but other records indicate 1787? he moved to Iredell Co., N.C. with some of his brothers and his half-sister who had married Capt. Basil Gaither. 

He built a log house in the area of North Carolina where he had settled. He owned land and also had slaves. According to Harry Wright Newman, after the settlement of Carolina the orthography of the name changes from 'Iiames' to 'Ijames' and in the early court records it is written simply as 'Jams'. 

In 1836, Davie County was organized out of the northern portion of Rowan county and the plantation of Beal Ijames fell into the newly created county. At the 1850 census for Davie county, Beal Ijames was aged 85 years, born in Maryland, with the following dwelling in his household: Matilda Ijames, aged 54; Denton Ijames, Constable, aged 37. 

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Photo courtesy of Ginny Scott, my distant cousin...thank you and Grace, creator of Beal Ijams memorial page on Find-A-Grave ~

Sources and information from: Roberta Iiames: Personal compiled records and research...thank you  ~
Harry Wright Newman and his book: Anne Arundel Gentry, Maryland Pioneers Series, 1933, Harry Wright Newman ~

The Breckenridge News ~ February 8th, 1905

On this day-to-day coming and going's, of my Tabeling family history ~

Cloverport, Kentucky
Wednesday, February 8, 1905

Mrs. Fritz Tabeling is quite sick.  


Mrs. Lillie Tabeling has been very sick the past week, but is convalescent.