About Me ~

My name is Virginia L. Webb née Haf-Concepcion but I go by and prefer to be called "Gini" (pronounced Jeannie, like I dream of Jeannie). I was born in Augsburg, Germany.  My mom, Elfriede Haf and I departed from Germany via a Naval Ship by the name of the USS Maurice Rose when I was about three and half years old, Mom and I are the first in our direct family to immigrate to the United States, my father was in the Army . . . ten days later, we arrived in Brooklyn, New York, stayed for a week visiting cousins and then boarded a train for Monterey California, where we lived for about five years finally settling in Santa Clara/San Jose, California, where I lived most of my life and where I will always call home . . . The Valley of Heart's Delight 

I am retired and loving it . . . my plan was to do genealogy full time . . . my most loved passion. I have been married for almost 29 years and we have twelve grandchildren, two are biological and ten are step- grandchildren, I have a very full life, sometimes genealogy and my blog take a back seat but I will always be honoring my ancestors, keeping their legacy alive and researching to find every bit of information I can about them. I am in love with old photos, well basically I love photos period, photos of our family, ancestors and friends . . . even as a little girl, I loved sitting and looking thru photos. 

 My ancestors are German, English and Irish . . . my paternal side settled in Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland. My maternal side, that I have discovered so far are mainly from Germany, . . . all rich in history and waiting for me to discover and share our story.

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