Wednesday, January 27, 2021

1919 ~ Remembering Albert 'Fritz' Tabeling and Family ~

Lillie Mae née Pate and Albert 'Fritz' Tabeling  

Be it remembered on this day, the 27th day of January 1919, my paternal great-grandfather, Albert 'Fritz' Tabeling, born 25 Sept 1870, Davies County, Owensboro, Kentucky, passed away in Cloverport, Kentucky from the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu Pandemic. 

Five days earlier on Jan 22, 1919, my great-grandmother, Lillie Mae née Pate, born 1879 (Albert's wife),  passed away due to a miscarriage, complicated by the Spanish Flu . . . leaving my grandmother, Ines, aka Inez Tabeling, [1908-1983], and her five sisters, orphans. 

In June of 1919, their sister, Margaret 'Maggie' Tabeling, born 1903, died from Cerebral Meningitis. Typhoid Fever was listed on the death certificate as contributing to her death. The newspaper clipping below states, "Miss Tabeling Dies of Complications Caused From The Effects of Influenza", but wasn't listed on her death certificate. Maggie would have been 16 years old in September of 1919. 

My grandmother Ines and her sisters, Oletha [1902-1970], Josephine [1906-1962], Gladys [1910-1980] and Viola [1915-2003] were split up and lived with various family members. Oletha and Viola lived with their grandfather, Sylvanus 'Vaul' Pate [1852- 1939]. Gladys and my grandmother, Ines, lived with Mr. and Mrs. S.B. Laslie, and Josephine lived with Miss Annie Allen and brother, Mr. Herman Allen. 

The Breckenridge News 
Vol. XLIII Cloverport, Kentucky
Wednesday, June 25, 1919
8 Pages  No. 52

Albert, Lillie Mae, Margaret 'Maggie' and Infant Tabeling, are buried together at the Cloverport Cemetery, in Cloverport, Kentucky. Albert and Lillie's twins, Morgan [1913-1913] and Mammie [1913-1913], both died of Cholera . . . they are buried together at the Campbellite Cemetery in Tarfork, Kentucky. 

Note: The headstone in the photo above lists all of Albert Tabeling's family names. Never having a headstone or grave marker, my aunt Virginia [granddaughter to Albert] and her son, Jim, designed and paid for the headstone to have all their names honored in one place. Morgan and Mamie are buried at Campbellite Cemetery in Tarfork, Kentucky. Currently, there is no headstone or grave marker on their grave at Campbellite Cemetery. 

As we journey through our current pandemic, my thoughts frequently turn to my paternal great-grandparents and their children, the tragedies they went thru and the pain they endured ~ Rest in Peace my Tabeling family ~