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Charles A. Tabeling ~ 1873 ~ 1959

Charles A. Tabeling
~ 24 August 1873 ~ 24 January 1959 ~

Today, marks fifty-two years, my paternal great uncle Charles A. Tabeling, passed away. Charles, would be the 5th child out of eleven children born to John Henry and Augusta (Oelze) Tabeling, and the brother to my great grandfather, Albert Fritz Tabeling (1870~1919).

Charles married Susan Ida Ryan in 1895, in Cloverport, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, they had ten children.

I have several day-to-day newspaper clips from THE BRECKINRIDGE NEWS, on the comings and goings of the Tabeling and Pate families. I would like to post these "going ons" in an "on this day" calendar as much as possible, that coincides with our current day.

I have only acquired a small amount of these one or two liner day-to-day "going-ons"-- but I am having quite a bit of fun researching and browsing through, learning about the life and times of my Ancestors'.

Even though we have passed the 11th of January, in my great uncle Charles memory, I am posting one of my favorite "going-ons" that is related to him, today...

The Breckinridge News
Cloverport, Kentucky, Wednesday, January 11, 1905

*Born, to the wife of Chas. Tabeling, a boy.
*Chas Tabeling had a telephone put in his house this week, on the line to Jolly

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Photo of the Charles Tabeling family, was given to me electronically from my distant cousin, W. Armstrong who is a direct descendant of the Ryan family. It is said the owner of the original photo may be, Perry Ryan.  I also learned of the daily going-ons in The Breckinridge News of our Tabeling and Pate family line from my cousin, W. Armstrong...thank you!

Sadly, I do not know the names of each child in the above photo...since I don't have a possible date or year of this is difficult and will take time to figure out the approximate ages of the children. Charles A. Tabeling is standing and holding his cane, his wife, Susan Ida Ryan, is seated next to him with one of their children in her lap. Charles and Susan owned their own farm, near Glen Dean, KY.

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