Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Wedding Anniversary of Liselotte and Adalbert Haf ~

Oma and Opa would have been married for 79 years, today.

Happy Anniversary!

~ With love from your granddaughter, the keeper of your memories.

My maternal Grandparents ~
Lieselotte 'Liselotte' Kaiser-Saule Haf  ~ 19 Dec 1913 ~ 5 Apr 2010
Adalbert Haf ~ 27 Feb 1907 ~ 09 Feb 1968


Michelle Goodrum said...

I love the beautiful scrapbook pages you put together.

Gini said...

Thank you, Michelle! I love digital scrapbooking or making collages . . . I have so much to learn and do . . . so little time. Thank you for stopping by.

Kathy Reed said...

You constantly amaze me. Each collage is better than the previous one. This one is beautiful!

Gini said...

Kathy, thank you so much, your are too kind! It's fun to make them . . . each time I make one I learn new things.