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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Update on Mom~

My Mom is home from the Hospital, she got her way! Her Doctor wanted her to stay another week but she said no way, I want to go home! He said the only way she was going home is if she learned how to give herself injections to attempt to dissolve the blood clot. So she is giving herself the injections!

She is doing good, she is weak and tires easily. She must go in every other day and have blood drawn so that they can monitor her. She has her blood drawn, it then goes to the lab and the lab tech calls her in the evening and lets her know if she increases or decreases her dosage. They are really keeping an eye on her and I am very grateful for that.

Today she saw her doctor and they will be scanning her upper body to see if there are any blood clots there. Her kidney seems to be working but will not be 100%. The clot had passed thru the kidney and damaged it. I am explaining this as how she shared it with me. Monday she sees the Vascular Surgeon, so we will see what he has to say.

All in all she seems to be in good hands and is being watch so closely that I am feeling much better. My Mom and I want to thank you all for your support and prayers, she said they are working because she is doing so much better...thank you.


Becky Jamison said...

Thank you for the update, Gini! I can sure relate and I know prayers are heard and answered! I'm keeping you ALL in my prayers and tell your mom to keep that strong spirit! Bless her heart.

Harriet said...

Good to hear the update! Glad she is home.I can relate to a sick parent also, I'm keeping you both in my prayers.

Harriet said...

Good to hear the update. Glad she is home. I also can relate to having a sick parent, I'll keep you both in my prayers.

geneabloggers said...

I am so happy to hear this good news!

Gini said...

Thank you all for your support, it is good news, she's a tough lady and I pray she continues to improve.

Nikki-ann said...

I'm glad to hear your Mom is doing better. She must be very brave to have to inject herself. I hope she continues to improve.