Sunday, May 10, 2009

Update on Mom~

Hi all,

Saw Mom and she is doing well, better than yesterday . Unfortunately the blood clot is in an area that is very difficult to get to. They would literally have to fillet her. She would need to be cut from above her breasts down to her groin, then her kidneys and other major organs pulled back to get to the blood clot, the Dr. feels this surgery would be very difficult and very hard on her for her age and even after that, they don't know if she would be okay. They want to see if they can dissolve the clot first.

On top of that, she has one kidney that is shot and nothing that can be done about it. They have put her on blood thinners and a medication to try and dissolve the clot, it could take up to 4 months to see if this works. She has a very bad headache and is light headed. She has a fever so there is an infection brewing, until the source of the infection is located and treated she cannot go home. It's a wait and see issue now. She will be watched very closely and have MRI's and CAT scans frequently.

It was good to see her though and we got to spend most of the day together, it meant alot to me and I know it meant alot to her. It's very difficult to see your parents in pain or very ill. I framed and put a ribbon around the photo of us that I posted (previous post, 4 generations) for Mother's Day and gave that to her today for Mother's Day, she loved it and has it next to her bed. Not the greatest Mother's Day gift but then again we have each other and and our family and that's more of gift than anything else to me.

We were laughing because the doctor told her, you have to cut back on some of the foods you eat! I told her, "Mom, you need to cut out the steaks and potato balls and pork roasts etc, etc. She's really peeved and feels she shouldn't have to give that stuff up!!! She is already tired of the hospital food, they are giving her extremely bland food, no salt, no caffeine, and she is really upset on not getting her coffee (German mud!). At least we were all laughing about it, one of her friends brought in some pastries and some Dove chocolate, she had it hidden in one of the drawers...I took it away from her! When my husband and I went down to the cafeteria, she said did you bring me a cheese burger! She really doesn't eat that bad but she does like her beef and pork, that is all going to have to change!

So, that is an update on Mom. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts, I know they are working, and I want to thank you all for your supportive comments and prayers. Again, it makes a difference beyond words can explain.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!


Becky Thompson said...

Gini, thanks for posting the details. I think you gave your mom a wonderful Mother's Day! And it blessed you too a bit, didn't it. Please keep us updated and I'll keep her in my prayers. Most of all, let me remind you to be good to yourself and I want you to know YOU are in my prayers too!

Leah Kleylein said...

Gini, you and your family will be in my thoughts! I am hoping for and wishing for all the best!!!

Harriet said...

Hope your Mom is doing better. I will keep you both in my prayers. I hope this will brighten your day, I am giving you the 2009 Friendly Blogger Award. You can pick it up when you have time at Genealogy Fun.

Becky Thompson said...

Gini, I awarded you the "Friendly Blogger Award". You can go here to claim it:

Marion from Germany said...

Hello Ginimouse,
thank you for the address of your blog. You know, my english is not very good, but I understand what you have written. Thank you, so I know, whats going on. Now I`m very unhappy, that your mom has so much pain. I hope my auntie is feeling better as soon as possible. I don`t know, what I can say to you. I would like to say so much, but... So I pray for you all, most for your mom.
I love and miss you all so much.