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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remembering my Oma, Margarete Saule née Kaiser ~

~ Margarete 'Oma Gretel' Saule nee Kaiser ~
22 July 1888 ~ 28 May 1972
Augsburg, Germany

Be it remembered, forty~one years ago today, my Oma Gretel passed away. I remember her well and I remember where I was on May 28th, 1972. Oma was so sweet and so tiny.
~ Rest in Peace dear Oma ~



my Heritage Happens said...

I love this photo with the clothes on the line! Your Oma has worked hard and is now resting, and deservedly so! The photo reminds me of the one I have, my great grandmother giving me a bath as a baby...back in the day.... said...

Such a lovely tribute... your Oma looks very sweet. Catherine said...
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Gini said...

Thank you Catherine, she was a very gentle loving person. Wish I had gotten to know her even more.

Your comment came over twice so I did remove the extra. Thank you for stopping by.

Gini said...

Cheryl, it is the cutest photo of her . . . she is resting in peace. She lived thru wars, hard times and lots of love with family. She was a great Oma. That's a treasure to have a photo of your great grandmother giving you a bath! I do cherish these photos that I was blessed to be the keeper of . . . I am hoping to tell their stories or as many as I can in my lifetime!