Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Organized

I know that I am coming in a bit late but better late than never as they say. As I stated in my "First Post" yesterday, I am fairly new to Genealogy compared to many of you and very in-experienced. Although I am new, I have aquired birth certificates, death certificates, news articles, lots of papers and photos! My Mom gave me a box of photos a year ago Thanksgiving that I still have not been able to tackle. There is a ton of great photos from Germany of my beautiful Mom and Ancestors. I had quite a bit coming at me fast and so now I have the "piles" that need to be organized.

I met my Aunt Virginia whom I was named after for the first time 1 year ago in August (over the phone). She lives in Kentucky, we didn't know about each other (found her in the beginning of my research - another post!) and she has given me so much information about my EIMES line (my father, her brother, John Adam EIMES 27 Dec. 1931 - 14 Jan 1997) whom I had never met! Then I made a Genealogical trip to KY, I met my Aunt and came back with lots of great things. We still talk twice a week and have grown very close. I need to organize that line too!

So I have decided that I am going to follow Dear Myrtle's "Finally Getting Organized...January 2009 Checklist" and get it all together. I use the binder method and love it, it works for me. The more organized I am the better Genealogy blogger I will be! I love to be organized. Elyse's blog has great tips too, thank you Elsye!

So Dear Mryt has inspired me and I look forward to following her plan and getting organized.
Thank you Dear Myrtle....


Becky Thompson said...

Gini, I'm thrilled to find you and so glad to see you're researching and blogging about it. I've been researching 10 years but blogging only since last Sept. I found you since you're following my Dad's blog 'Ernie's Journeys'. Thanks for visiting his blog too. I'll remind him to follow your blog. I see him every day.
Becky Jamison

Sheri Fenley said...


Welcome to the world of genea-blogging! I look forward to reading more about your research.

Amanda E. Perrine said...

Hi Gini-
Like you I'm new to genealogy and geneablogging. I'm also following DearMyrtle's "Finally Getting Organized..." I look forward to reading about your research:-)