Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Getting Organized Continued~

I have been absent from blogging for a while now. Between work and daily life events I have very little time to blog or even do research these days. Too many things going on!

My Step Grandson Ronnie (6 years old) has been in the hospital since last Sunday with an infection in his throat, it's not Strep or Meningitis, it's a bacterial infection of some sort, but one that almost caused his throat to close up and may have had to do emergency surgery, thank goodness it did not come to, he is doing much better and may get to go home tomorrow or Friday if his temperature stays down and the swelling continues to reduce in his throat. We were so worried about the little guy and am very relieved that he is getting better. I tell ya, it's always something! Today I am home with a bad I get to enjoy reading every ones blogs with a cup of tea!!

I have been focused on getting organized and following Dear Mryt's 2009 Organizing Checklist, it's a priority that I have had to set for myself. I am a little late but I am following it as best I can! I have made my piles...that was a big job! But once I did get my piles done it was like a big weight lifted off my shoulders! I try to do a pile a day or some of that pile! The piles are spread out on my desk and I am one that can't stand piles so I will work on them as quickly as time permits. I started with the binder system so it's not too bad but I have let things slide and didn't put them away or in binders as I acquired them. I am at the point where I just need to put everything into page protectors. I took a trip to Kentucky April 2008 and still have not organized papers, photos and misc. findings.
It's a good feeling to get organized, so I won't be here much. I love Dear Mryt's Checklist and it has helped me immensely.

The other reason I haven't blogged is I am reading more blogs than I am blogging! Once getting home from work, I do the routine tasks that need to be done and then turn on my laptop and the next thing I know it's late and all I have done is read other blogs. I am not complaining (I am addicted, laundry, dishes are all going to pot!), I love to read them and time passes so quickly that I realize I didn't post and am not sure what to post about at that point. Tombstone Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday are somewhat easy but the other days are harder for me. Again, once I get my research organized and photos scanned and organized, I think that I will be a more interesting blogger...Oh and more time would be nice! I have never let my house go under any circumstances...since I have taken up Genealogy it has suffered dearly and all of it is driving me nuts! There has got to be a happy medium! I wish I was super woman and could do it all!

Hope to be back the meantime I am keeping up with reading all of your blogs. Can't stay away!


Cindy said...

Gini - thanks for stopping by my "other" blog! I know what you mean about having no time, I find that I'm either too focused on the genealogy or the crafting - they're both very different for me, one without creativity and very logical thinking, the other is supposed to help you relax? But, sometimes I struggle with getting back into it. So, get your crafting stuff out, make some ATCs, join a swapping group to get you moving again! Hope all is well with your grandson soon.

Gini said...

Thank you Cindy, I plan on making a few cards this weekend possibly with my friend and neighbor if she is not busy! We get to make cards and have girly girl time! But I also want to follow thru on getting my research organized so I am going to try fitting in both! I need that relaxing time that making cards give me. Good to hear from you. My grandson is doing much better, I just got word that he is home and doing well, it's a big relief, thank you for thinking of him.

my Heritage Happens said...

I am happy to hear your grandson is home and doing better! Hope you are doing better also. I have had probably the same cold you have, not fun. Glad the organization is coming along for you, I KNEW it was going to happen next! Enjoy your card making this weekend and relax some.

I wanted to tell you that I chose you for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my blog post "I AM SO HONORED" at Heritage Happens!

Gini said...

Oh my gosh, thank you Mystri, you are so sweet...thank you, thank you!

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Gini, you are a favorite of mine! Just wanted to tell you. I'm so glad your grandson, Ronnie, is doing ok and is now home from the hospital. I'm really interested in following Mryt's organization tips. I've GOT to do something with all of this paper!!

You deserve that award Mystri gave you! Congratulations.