Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday ~ of a different kind

My Paternal Great Grandfather: Albert "Fritz" Tabeling ~

When I took my first Genealogy Vacation to Louisville, KY, April 2008, and met my Aunt Virginia for the first time (my namesake), we rented a van and drove to Cloverport, KY in search of my TABELING line. My grandmother, Inez TABELING's father and mother and several of her siblings that had died in the 1919 Flu Epidemic leaving my grandmother Inez and 3 other sisters orphaned. We did find the Cemetery they were buried in, Albert, Lillie Mae Pate my great grandmother and the children, all in one little area but they did not have a marker. One day I would love to be able to afford a marker for them. So I have this death certificate and a photo of thier gravesite with no headstones. This was the first item I had obtained when I started my Genealogy journey, I was pretty excited! Digital Image taken and held by Gini Webb. San Diego, CA
(address for private use) April 2008)
My Granddaughter and Aunt in photo
TABELING Family plot, Albert and Lillie Mae Pate with 4 children.
Cloverport Cemetery, Cloverport KY

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my Heritage Happens said...

You never know that one day for a marker may come yet! I bought one for my husband's father several years ago because it bothered me that he didn't have one. I never met the man, but I sure feel good about what I have done for him.