Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy 126th Birthday, Great Opa, Peter Saule~

My great grandfather, Peter Saule was born on this day, November 2nd, in the year 1883 in Waldberg, Germany ~ died the 20th day of May in 1957 in Augsburg, Germany.

Great Grandfather Saule was actually my maternal step great grandfather. I have not researched my Saule line as of yet, so I have very little information on him or family members.
Peter Saule married my great grandmother, Margarete Kaiser Saule (1888~1972) when my grandmother "Oma" (as I call her) Lieselotte Haf was only six years old, Oma is still living in Germany.
Opa Saule's occupation in life was a Mortician. Opa also managed the goings on at the cemetery. As I gathered this little bit of information from my mom, she said, "he was a very quiet man, and I had a lot of respect for him." I am looking forward to researching the Saule family. As to the identity of my natural maternal great grandfather, I'm afraid I will never know, unfortunately, no one knows who that was.

The photo is of my great grandmother Margarete Kaiser Saule, my Oma~~ Lieselotte Kaiser Saule Haf and my great grandfather, Peter Saule.

Happy Birthday Opa!

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