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Friend of Friends ~ Honoring the Slaves of the Beal Ijames Plantation ~ 1st Generation


A Friend of Friends, I am here to help, to care, to honor and share with respect, with kindness, with reverence. With the hopes that a name or a date or any information that I have, could help another move on to find a family member, or an enslaved ancestor and that they will never be forgotten.

Thank you to Sandra over at "I Never Knew My Father" and Luckie over at "Our Georgia Roots" for bringing this most important message and issue to all of us, that we all understand how critical it is for those who can share their stories, that in turn will help you tell your story...completely.

In my family history I have the names of the slaves that were on my 5th great grandfather, Beal Ijames plantation. I will be posting five generations of the descendants of: John Wesley Ijames, a slave on the Beal Ijames plantation. Being that there is quite a bit of information, I have decided that each generation will be an individual post and I will attempt to post at least once to twice a week. The information I have will be posted exactly as I had received it. I feel it is extremely important to get what information I have on the slaves in my family history out there in hopes to helping another.

I want it to be known that I am not the researcher of this information. My dear friend Roberta and her husband Guy who I am a very distant cousin to, has spent the last 40 years researching the Ijames family history. Any and all credit goes to this wonderful lady who spent hours, days, years compiling our family's history. Roberta has given me a gift of a lifetime, one I have no idea or way of thanking her properly for. Without Roberta's help and support, I would not have the information I am about to give to you or the information on my direct Ijames/Eimes line. Thank you Roberta, you are amazing.

My 5th great grandfather Beal Ijames 08 February 1767 ~ 06 July 1855, was a slave master and owner of the Beal Ijames Plantation, located in Mocksville, North Carolina.

It is said that Beal Ijames did not believe in selling his slaves and making sure that those slaves at the Ijames Plantation had a good life. I am so glad for that. Reading this, I was relieved and felt that my Beal Ijames was a decent man. 

Descendants of John Wesley Ijames**
~ Generation 1~

1. JOHN WESLEY 2  IJAMES** (UNKNOWN 1 IJAMES) was born Bet. 1810 - 1812 in North Carolina. He married (1) UNKNOWN Bef. 1830. He married (2) DIANNA 'DICEY' ALICE 'IJAMES' Bef. 1860. She was born Bet. 1825 - 1830 in North Carolina.  

Census #9: 20 Jul 1870,  Wesley age 60; Dyanna age 45; Robert 18; Elizabeth 16; Lucinda 14; Wesley 12; Elisha 'Lish' 10; William 4; Margaret 3 and Abner 6/12. In this census Wesley, Lish, William, Margaret & Abner are all listed as 'White' (error) (Source: US Federal Census, 1870 Census Calahaln Twp., Davie Co., North Carolina, Page 217, Dwel/Fam 179/179.)
Comment 1: He was a slave on the Beal Ijames plantation.

Marriage: Bef. 1830

Marriage: Bef. 1860

Children of JOHN IJAMES** and UNKNOWN are:
2.       i.    LOUIS 3 IJAMES, b. Abt. 1830, North Carolina.
3.      ii.    WINFIELD BROOKS 'SLAVE' IJAMES, b. Abt. 1831, Yadkin Co., North Carolina; d. Bef. 1880,   North Carolina.

Children of JOHN IJAMES** and DIANNA 'IJAMES' are:
4.    iii.  ROBERT 3 IJAMES, b. May 1854, North Carolina. 
5.    iv.  ELIZABETH IJAMES, b. Abt. 1854, North Carolina. 
        v.  LUCINDA IJAMES, b. Abt. 1856, North Carolina.
6.    vi.  WESLEY D. IJAMES, b. Oct. 1856, North Carolina.
7.   vii.   ELISHA 'LISK' IJAMES, b. Abt. 1861, North Carolina. 
8.  viii.   WILLIAM G. IJAMES, b. 1865, North Carolina.
      ix.    MARGARET W. IJAMES, b. Abt. 1868 North Carolina. 
       x.   ABNER IJAMES, b. Abt. Jan 1870, North Carolina
      xi.   ADA REBECCA IJAMES,  b. Abt. 1872, North Carolina.
9.   xii.   JOHN F. IJAMES, b. 18 Jan 1878, North Carolina.

If you find a name that is of relation to you, please contact me.  
Sources: Roberta Iiames of Ohio
Sources:  Dorothy Graham, the 2nd great granddaughter of Brooks Ijames



Gwen Kubberness said...

You are a amazing Lady Gini! This is very wonderful and I see a very caring and giving women in this post. I truely believe God put you here for a reason. You did a great job and you are a Friend of a Friend.

Luckie said...

Gini, absolutely AMAZING! For the Ijames that this record belongs to, life will never be the same -- NEVER.

So proud & thankful for a friend like you!


Mavis said...


Thank you for posting this. I know exactly where Mocksville is. My great Uncle, Will Hosch, migrated to this area of North Carolina after leaving GA. I don't live far from Mocksville myself.

sjtaliaferro said...


This is absolutely incredible information...and with more to come, fantastic. Thank you so much for comiting to getting this information out there. You are indeed "A Friend of Friends" !!


Felicia R Mathis said...

Thanks so much Gini,
I am so proud that you had the courage to post these records and I pray that others will follow. You just don't know how much change that you have brung to some descendants life.

Renate Yarborough Sanders said...

Thank you so much. Thank you.


Gini said...

You all are so welcome, I only hope that this helps a family find their ancestors so they will know who they are and never be forgotten.

Thanks for all the support you give and all that you do.