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Friend of Friends ~ Honoring the Slaves of the Beal Ijames Plantation ~ Part 1 of the 2nd Generation

     In my family history I have the names of the slaves that were on my 5th great grandfather, Beal Ijames plantation. I will be posting five generations of the descendants of: John Wesley Ijames, a slave on the Beal Ijames plantation. Being that there is quite a bit of information, I have decided that each generation will be an individual post and I will attempt to post at least once to twice a week [Click here for Generation No.1]. The information I have will be posted exactly as I had received it. I feel it is extremely important to get what information I have on the slaves in my family history out there in hopes to helping another.

     I want it to be known that I am not the researcher of this information. My dear friend Roberta and her husband Guy who I am a very distant cousin to, has spent the last 40 years researching the Ijames family history. Any and all credit goes to this wonderful lady who spent hours, days, years compiling our family's history. Roberta has given me a gift of a lifetime, one I have no idea or way of thanking her properly for. Without Roberta's help and support, I would not have the information I am about to give to you or the information on my direct Ijames/Eimes line. Thank you Roberta, you are amazing.

     My 5th great grandfather Beal Ijames 08 February 1767 ~ 06 July 1855, was a slave master and owner of the Beal Ijames Plantation, located in Mocksville, North Carolina.

     It is said that Beal Ijames did not believe in selling his slaves and making sure that those slaves at the Ijames Plantation had a good life. I am so glad for that. Reading this, I was relieved and felt that my Beal Ijames was a decent man.

The Slaves and their descendants of the Beal Ijames Plantation
(Generation No. 2, 3, 4, 5 are quite large, for this reason, I will be doing several posts on each generation.)

~ Generation No. 2 ~

2.   Louis 3 Ijames (JOHN WESLEY 2 IJAMES**, UNKNOWN 1 IJAMES) was born Abt. 1830 in North Carolina.  He married MARIAH M. 'IJAMES'. She was born Abt. 1825

Children of  LOUIS IJAMES and MARIAH 'IJAMES' are:
         i.   MARY4 IJAMES, b. Abt. 1843, Mocksville, Davis Co., North Carolina; d. 17 Nov1935
              Mocksville, Davis Co., North Carolina (Source: Health department, North Carolina,
              North Carolina Data, Reg. No. 30, Cert. No. 12 File 420.); m. WILL HOLMAN. 

              More about MARY IJAMES:
              Burial: 18 Nov 1935, Piney Grove Cemetery, Mocksville, N.C.
              Cause of Death: Essential Hypertension

         ii.   EMALINE L. IJAMES, b. Abt. 1853, North Carolina.
        iii.   ISABELLA N IJAMES, b. Abt. 1855, North Carolina.
        iv.   LORNEA IJAMES, b. Abt. 1860, North Carolina. 

3.    WINFIELD BROOKS 'SLAVE' 3 IJAMES (JOHN WESLEY 2 IJAMES**, UNKNOWN 1JAMES) was born Abt. 1831 in Yadkin Co., North Carolina, and died Bef. 1880 in North Carolina. He married ANNE 'IJAMES'. She was born Feb 1833 in Yadkin Co., North Carolina. 


On page 227, Item 783 Ijames, Brooks Legacy, the writer Dorothy Graham of Mocksville, N.C. sates [sic], "Through her search she found that William Imes and wife Elizabeth Jones were Scottish. They came to the United States from Scotland and settled in Maryland [the year unknown]. They migrated south to Davie Co., and had a son named Peter Ney Imes, who was a Napoleon General and also a school teacher. Peter told thier father that their last name was misspelled and thereafter, Imes became spelled Ijames. When Peter died, he was buried near Salisbury, N.C.
     Mr. and Mrs. William Ijames had a second son named Beall Ijames who was married to Elizabeth Little. Beall Ijames was the slave master of a black man named Brooks. Beall Ijames never sold his slave, but gave him his name.  This Brooks Ijames is the great-great grandfather of Dorothy Graham."  
     To Clarify some of the above. The William Ijames who married Elizabeth Jones was "William b. Iiams b. 22 Dec. 1699 - All Hallow's Parish, Anne Arundel Co., Maryland and he died here about May 11, 1739. He married Elizabeth Jones on 9 Oct 1720 in Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. Elizabeth was born 15 Jun 1697 and died after 1774 Anne Arundel Co., Maryland. He never went to North Carolina nor had a son Beall Ijames.
     There is a Beale Ijames who was born in 1767 the son of John Iiams and Ariana Worthington. Beale's siblings all ventured south most settling in North Carolina. Beale married Elizabeth Little in 1791 in North Carolina.
     I am sure that the information given from generation to generation by the descendants of Brooks Ijames was seemingly correct but documentation of other researchers disprove the [sic] this by church records, wills, and etc.

Census #9: 04 Aug 1870, Winfield Ijames age 39; Ann age 35; Rachel age 14; Wesley age 12; Smith age 9,
Twins - Kerr & Belle ages 7; Rosadda age 5 all born North Carolina (Source: U.S, Federal Census, 1870
Census Clarksville Twp., Davie Co., North Carolina, page 252 Del/Fam 12*12.)
Comment 1: 04 Aug 1870, In the census, Winfield is probably Brooks. All other individuals appear toi [sic] be correct for this person.

Census #10: 23 Jun 1880, Annie 46; Beth 15; Kerr 15; Romalda 14; Sherman 8 and Lidia 2. winfield [Brooks] is not listed. (Source: US Federal Census, 1880 Census Mocksville Twp., Davie Co., North Carolina, Bottom Page 29 & Top of page 30.)


          i.   RACHEL 4 IJAMES, b. Abt. 1856, Davie Co., North Carolina.
10.    ii.   JOHN WESLEY IJAMES, b. 18 Oct 1857, Davie Co., d. 09 Jun 1951, Calabala, Mocksville,
               Davie Co., N. C.
11.   iii.    SMITH IJAMES, b. Nov 1862, Davie Co., North Carolina; d. 17 Feb 1934, Mocksville, Davie
               Co., North Carolina.
        iv.    ROMALDA IJAMES, b. Abt. 1865. Davie Co., North Carolina.
         v.    BELLE IJAMES, b. Apr. 1866, Davie Co., North Carolina.
12.   vi.    KERR 'CARR' IJAMES, b. Apr. 1866, Davie Co., North Carolina.
      vvi.    ELISHA IJAMES, b. 15 Nov 1870, Davie Co.,  North Carolina; d. 15 Sep 1931, Davie Co.,
               North Carolina. 
13. viii.    FRANK SHERMAN IJAMES, b. Abt. 1872, Davie Co., North Carolina. 
        ix.   CARL IJAMES, b. 22 Mar 1874, Yadkin Co., North Carolina; d. 22 Jul 1940, Forsyth Co.,
               North Carolina (Source: North Carolina Death collection 1908-1996, Reg. No. 34-11; Cert.
               No. 17; Cert. 207.) m. SUSAN 'IJAMES'.

               More about CARL IJAMES:
               Burial: 24 Jul 1940, Cedar Creek Cemetery, North Carolina
               Cause of death: Heart Disease

        x.   MAGGIE IJAMES, b. 15 Dec 1877, Davie Co., North Carolina; d. 23 Jul 1952, Mocksville,
              Davie Co., North Carolina (Source: North Carolina Death collection 1908-1996, Reg. dist.
              30-00; Reg's No. 52; File 16287.); m. UNKNOWN ROSBY; d. Bef. 1952.
              More about MAGGIE IJAMES:
              Burial: 27 Jul 1952, Methodist Cem. Mocksville, N.C.

        xi.   LIDIA IJAMES, b. Abt. 1878, Davie Co., North Carolina.

Reseacher and source: Roberta Iiames of Ohio
Dorothy Graham: The second great granddaughter of  Brook Ijames



Joan said...

Gini, Thanks for sharing this very interesting genealogical work. One of the thinks I most like about this community of geneabloggers is the willingness to share their work and knowledge so others might benefit -- whether one has been at this work for 2 years or 20 or more. Thanks.

Herstoryan said...

BEAUTIFULLY written and presented! What a wonderful post! I am certainly going to follow your lead! What a way to honor a life...

sjtaliaferro said...


Thanks again for continuing to share this very valuable information. It will be priceless to some researcher(s). I hope your actions will encourage others to follow your lead. You're a gem!


Gini said...

Joan, Herstoryan and Sandra, thank you so much for your support and kind words. I could only hope that this will help someone out there looking for their ancestors.

I do hope others become more comfortable in posting their information too! It's so very important for us all to share.

Robin said...

First let me say how wonderful your post was and having such detailed information is such a wonderful gift to be passed along. I also have to agree with Judith... This blogging community is so wonderful about sharing information they find on ancestors with others that it makes things so much more enjoyable. For me, sharing is my gift and the purpose of my research and my madness. What is the purpose of all our hard work, if we don't share it so others in the future may know their past.... Great Job to everyone!

Sernebe Winters said...

Is this the Beal plantation referred to in the book- The Emancipation of Robert Sadler?

Gini said...

Sernebe Winters ~ Thank you for stopping by. I have not read the book, "The Emancipation of Robert Sadler" as of yet but will need to check in to.

Nits said...

This is good information for me to take back to my family who are direct relatives. Thank you! Please more research on the Ijames/Imes (we go by Imes and our g-gparents are Winfield and Annie Imes)

Earle Smith said...

I am the G-G Grand daughter of Winfield Brooks Ijames/Holman Ijames.Their son was my Great Grandfather Alexander Smith Ijames wife Susan Tatum. Grand mother was the daughter of Alexander/Susan Tatum Ijames (Maude Ijames)who was my Grandmother.

Earle Smith Ijames ancestory said...

love to learn more. I am 4th generation from Winfield Ijames.

Gini said...

Thank you for stopping by Earle Ijames and Nits . . . I am so glad this info is here for you. I haven't returned to my Ijames/Imes/Iiames research in quite a while. I will have to pull my binder out and see if I have more info for you. It was truly a gift when I received this info from a cousins wife who has now passed.