Saturday, October 2, 2010

Adalbert Haf 1940 ~ 2004 ~ In loving memory ~


~  In loving memory of my maternal Uncle Adi ~
3 October 1940 ~ 2 October 2004

We love and miss you ~

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Photos in above collage ~

My Aunt Gitta and Uncle Adi ( I believe this is when or around the time they first met!)
My cousin Marion and her father, Uncle Adi dancing
Wedding photo ~ Aunt Gitta's father, my Uncle Helmut (b. 03 Oct 1940 ~ d. 20 Dec 1994). . . Uncle Adi's identical twin, my grandfather Adalbert Haf (b. 04 Dec 1868 ~ d. 09 Feb 1968), and Aunt Gitta and Uncle Adi
Uncle Adi standing next to his car
Uncle Adi's memorial card (center)
Uncle Adi

Dates and names to many of the photos above and that I had inherited when mom and Oma passed, are unknown at this time. My cousin Marion in Germany and I are working together with her mom, my Aunt Gitta, to determine dates and persons in many of the photos that mom and I were going over prior to her death in July.  I hope to fill in the blanks to many or all of these photos.

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