Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Breckenridge News ~ May 22, 1907

On this day . . . daily happenings were printed in The Breckenridge Newspaper of my Jarboe, Pate, Ryan, Tabeling, Taul family history ~

VOL. XXXI.   CLOVERPORT, KENTUCKY, WEDNESDAY. MAY 22, 1907.   8 Pages       NO. 45

                                 IN THE COUNTY.
Several Store Houses and Residence Reported Going Up. 
Ryan & Tabeling are erecting a store house 


     Roy Pate, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Pate, died May 14 and was buried the following day in the Pisgah grave yard.  He was a well informed boy for one of his age and had a splendid disposition. His last words were "Lord take me."  Though he said he hated to leave his loved ones, he was willing to do God's will. 

Mrs. Vate Pate is on the sick list.
W.B. Taul and wife visited his father, Mr. Joe Taul, near Clover Creek, Saturday and Sunday.

Born, to the wife of Wm. Jarboe, on the 20th, a pretty girl. 

S.A. Pate has moved back here after a resident of about three years at West Point. 

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Every Wednesday, The Breckenridge News, and it's eight seven-column pages would provide a mix of local community and political news, a sampling of broad general interest stories, and opinion pieces by local columnists.   John D. Babbage, the owner, started The Breckenridge News on July 22, 1876 and continued publication until his death in 1934. His daughter, Mildred Babbage, took over the paper as editor until her death in 1949. The paper was then taken over by W.G. Polk, the grandson of John D. Babbage, ending one year later. You can read the full history of The Breckenridge Newspaper of Cloverport, KY by clicking on this ~ link ~.

The Breckenridge News is a wonderful source for me to discover and learn of the daily happenings of my ancestors and extended family members.


Liv Taylor-Harris said...

Greetings Gini, thank you so much for stopping by my site and connecting with me last week; I truly appreciate this connection with you. I find your BRECKENRIDGE NEWS features to be very interesting and give readers a sense of what life was like for those in your family tree. Great information indeed. Again, thank you!

Gini said...

You are very welcome, Liv and thank you for your wonderful comment and stopping by here. I am so glad the Breckenridge News is helpful and interesting. I love reading about my ancestors and what their daily lives were like . . . I wish this were done still today with our newspapers for the future generations.