Monday, July 4, 2011

An Old Fashion 4th of July ~

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To celebrate Independence day today, our family attended An Old-Fashioned Fourth of July celebration in a neighboring quaint community by the name of,  Poway, the city in the country.  We had a great time and I couldn't think of a better way for the grandchildren to learn and visualize the olden days.

We took a tour of the Nelson Family home (built in 1918) that was moved from it's original location in 1991 to this historic park for preservation. We watched a mock train robbery, rode the steam engine train, witnessed a cannon fired, blacksmith demonstrate iron making, beautiful quilt displays, men and women dressed in period Civil War uniforms and clothing, free crafts and games for kids . . . all to celebrate America's Birthday.

Happy Independence Day!! 


Chris said...

Great idea and way to celebrate our country's birthday and our history. I bet it was great fun as it looks like it from the photos.


Gini said...

Thank you, Chris . . . it was a very unique, fun and educational and I have to say it was my favorite fourth of July. . . had a great time! I am looking forward to attending next year already.

Louisette said...

Wonerfull blog, greeting from Belgium

Gini said...

Greetings, Louisette from Belgium! Glad you stopped by . . . we have a Golden Retriever, Koda . . . your babies are beauties, love the color of their coats! Greetings from Southern California!