Friday, January 20, 2012

The Wedding Anniversary of Albert and Lillie Mae Tabeling ~

~ Happy Anniversary to my great-grandparents, Albert and Lillie Mae (née Pate) Tabeling  ~ 

Today, one hundred and ten years ago, in 1902,  my paternal great-grandparents, Albert 'Fritz' Tabeling (1870~1919) and Lillie Mae Pate (1879~1919), were married in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky.

Albert and Lillie Mae had nine children, Oletha (1902~1970), Maggie (1903~1919), Josephine (1906~1962), my grandmother, Ines (1908~1983), Gladys Ollie (1910~1980), the twins, Morgan (1913~1913) and Mamie (1913~1913), Viola 'Bessie' (1915~2003) and Infant Tabeling (1919~1919).

It is believed that my great-grandfather, Albert and 16 year old Maggie, died during the 1918-1919 Pandemic Flu. According to my great-grandmother, Lillie Mae's death certificate, death was due to a miscarriage, complicated by the flu in 1919 . . . it is believed that both Infant and Lillie Mae were buried together . . . Albert and Lillie Mae, died only five days apart from each other, leaving my grandmother, Ines, and her sisters, Oletha, Gladys, Viola and Josephine, orphaned.

According to the U.S. 1920 Census for Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, my grandmother, Ines and her sister, Gladys, were taken in by the Laslie Family on Hartford Rd. in Cloverport, KY.  I am still researching where Oletha, Viola and Josephine, ended up living. I do believe they resided with their aunt Emma Robinson née Tabeling . . . the search continues.

In 2009, my beautiful mom (1933~2010), myself, my husband and my granddaughter, all traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to meet and visit my aunt Ginnie for the first time. We then traveled for about two hours from her home to Cloverport, Kentucky, visiting the very peaceful, quaint and tucked away, Cloverport Cemetery, where Albert, Lillie Mae, Infant Tabeling, Mamie, Morgan, and Maggie, are buried together in one family plot. The Tabeling Family has never had a headstone or grave marker . . . one day, I would like to be able to have a marker made and placed on their grave.

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1910 U.S. Census for Breckinridge Co., Kentucky ~ 
Photo's : Cloverport Cemetery, Cloverport, KY ~ Gini Webb . . . 
Albert & Lillie Mae (née Pate) Tabeling ~ Dawn Inman (cousin)


Carol said...

That flu epidemic was awful, so many lost. Your grandmother Ines was so young to have lost both parents. What rough times they lived through.

Wendy said...

What a lovely photo with her hand on his shoulder. Many people think cemeteries are morbid, but I love them, and when families are together, it's very comforting.

The Path Traveled said...

Your Grand parents were a beautiful couple and so was your mother. They are celebrating together today.

Sue McPeak said...

Gini...What a very interesting and informative post. Not only does it tell your ancestors story, but it gives us a glimpse into the history and circumstances at the time of their deaths. Knowing about the 1918-19 Pandemic Flu is a piece of information that may help with finding others ancestors. I have some unexplained deaths and lost ancestors from Georgia during these years.

I hope you find Oletha, Viola and their 2X great grandmother was Josephine...I have visited her was a moving experience. Her husband and a son are buried beside her in unmarked graves...I'm going to have markers made for of my 2012 goals.

Thanks for this wonderful post and for sharing your Kentucky Family!

Gini said...

Thank you, Carol, Wendy, Betty and Sue, for visiting! The 1918-1919 flu really wiped out a lot of members in my family/Ancestors and in so many others . . . very sad time and one I have been learning more and more about.

I am looking for my great Aunties to see where they ended up. I did find a newspaper article that a Tabeling uncle tried to take care of them but was accused of taking the families money. The accusation was false and he was cleared . . . that's another post!

Kathy Reed said...

This is a beautiful story and a great idea for a collage.

Gini said...

Thank you, Kathy, glad you stopped by.

Colleen G. Brown Pasquale said...

That's a terrific story. How wonderful that the family took them in! They were good people. I hope you learn more & post it.

Gini said...

Thank you, Colleen, I do too . . . as I go along, I will be posting my findings!

The Laslie's were very generous as well as my great aunt, Emma Robinson née Tabeling . . . I had found a census report about two years ago, but, I did not site my sources (bad Gini) and now need to retrieve that census again, showing which child resided with her. Thanks for stopping by.