Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ethan ~


Eight years ago today, our grandson, Ethan was born.  He's a ton of fun 
and has brought so much joy to our lives!

Happy Birthday, Ethan, we love you to pieces . . . lots of hugs and kisses to you on this
special day!   ~ Love, Oma

(okay, you can stop growing now!) 


The Path Traveled said...

Happy Birthday Eathan! Hope this is a very special day for you celebrated with your family.

Gini said...

Thank you, Betty! I will make sure I pass your wonderful birthday message onto Ethan today. He is growing up way to fast!

Anonymous said...

Don't they just. My nephews seem to grow a few inches every month. Happy birthday, Ethan :-)

Gini said...

They sure do, Jo . . . I just want to keep him at this age!