Monday, July 8, 2013

1868 - 1952 ~ In Memory of my Great-Grandfather ~ Adalbert Haf ~

Remembering my great-grandfather on this day ~ 
Find A Grave memorial 



my Heritage Happens said...

Very nicely done of your great grandfather!

Someday maybe you can give me pointers!

Gini said...

Ah thank you, Cheryl . . . I am doing by the seat-of-my-pants! But I would be happy to share what I did.

The background is a merged/multiexposed background and photo of Augsburg . . . where mom and I were born. I thought it would be nice to put the photo of my gr-grandfather and Augsburg together but wasn't sure if it would look okay . . . I am fairly happy with it. Glad you like and stopped by.