Friday, June 6, 2014

In Remembrance of Keith Tiffany & Ron Ebeltoft ~

July 2, 1948 ~ End of Watch: June 6, 1981

July 27, 1946 ~ End of Watch: June 6, 1981
~ Rest in Peace Keith and Ron ~

"Patrolman Tiffany and Patrolman Ronald Ebeltoft were shot and killed after responding to a dispute between two neighbors over the placement of a rose bush. During the dispute one of the men assaulted the other. As both officers were standing outside of the suspect’s home the man snuck up behind them and opened fire with an assault rifle, killing both officers."  ~ San Diego Police Historical Association

My husband had introduced his sister to Keith, they fell in love and were married just a short time after meeting each other . . . they had only been married for six months when Keith was taken.

It was a very sad day as we lost both Keith and his partner Ronald R. Ebeltoft.   Keith and Ron are buried right next to each other.

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Source: San Diego County Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation
Full Story here provided by the San Diego Police Historical Association, a wonderful historical site of our law enforcement.

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