Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sentimental Sunday ~ 1995 ~ Grand Canyon, Arizona

Slowly, we have been moving back into our home after living in our RV for over four weeks due to a leak from our old refrigerator. The flooring in our entire home had to be replaced. As I put my genea-office back together, I am reorganizing, scanning, and getting rid of things I don’t need any longer. 

I came across this sweet photo of my daughter and my mom, Elfriede Haf (1933-2010), sitting on the rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, in August of 1995 . . . it was a wonderful trip. This summer we are taking a road trip in our RV across country to visit my eighty-four year old aunt in Louisville, Kentucky.  Our first stop . . . the Grand Canyon, I would like to find that same spot and take a photo with my daughter.

Heading out of Arizona, we will then travel on over to Rowlett, Texas, stopping to visit family there. As we travel thru the different states, we plan to take our time and sight see until we get to Missouri, to visit more family . . . and then onto Kentucky.

In Kentucky, I have quite a few family history trips planned. Several of our Tabeling’s that passed away in 1919 from the Spanish flu, are buried at the Cloverport Cemetery together in one plot . . . they have never had a marker for their grave. My aunt and cousin purchased a headstone for them and it was recently installed. My aunt and I will be taking a trip to Cloverport to see that new headstone . . . so grateful that they now have a marker on their grave. I have a few relatives buried at the famous and beautiful Cave Hill Cemetery there in Louisville, so I plan to visit that cemetery also.

Looking forward to getting out of Dodge, taking lots of photos, and making lots of memories to keep and hold onto. 


Wendy said...

Sounds like a good trip -- reminds me of a cartoon making the rounds on Pinterest right now about how a genealogist's idea of a summer vacation is splashing around in the gene pool.

Gini said...

LOL . . . I saw that one too, Wendy, and it's so so true. It's going to be more of a genealogy trip for me than a vacation but it will be nice to get out of town for a bit . . . I guess I do have to think about the family since they are not interested in genealogy all that much and it's their "vacation" too!