Monday, October 19, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday~ Wyatt Earp Relatives ~

Digital photo taken and held by Gini Webb (address for private use) San Diego, CA October 19, 2009

I have temporarily run out of my own Tombstone Tuesday photos (computer problems and accessing my photos). As I went on line the other day, I was checking out the San Diego Genealogical Society here in San Diego (I am thinking of joining), I clicked on a local cemetery that was listed on the SDGS site under Records available online (link below) .

El Cajon Cemetery was officially founded in 1903. The history on it is wonderful. I decided I wanted to check it out and did so yesterday! I was out walking around in the original (dry) part of the cemetery when the caretaker Joe Dodson came up to me and asked if I needed anything. I explained to him that I am doing genealogy and that I wanted to see this particular cemetery. He was so helpful and shared some of the history with me. He said, "We don't really have anyone big and famous but over there are relatives of Wyatt Earp" - my ears perked up and I knew I was going to head over to that one.

He also gave me Marna Clemons phone number, Marna took over the transcribing project, did extensive research, coordinated the final survey for publishing. I look forward to connecting with Marna. We meet the nicest most helpful people along our genealogy journeys.

Also close by were the grave sites of the "Butterfield Stage Coach" people. I am not sure if they were employees or passengers but the Butterfield Stage Coach route went thru San Diego and further out east of San Diego which I have been on in a jeep. I didn't get a chance to find those graves and I had forgotten to take my camera (I know, what the heck was I thinking, my phone didn't do too bad of job with Earp photo)!

I will be going back but I wanted to share this photo of Wyatt Earps relatives. I do not know what the relationship was, but according to the caretaker, they were direct descendants. I did take a few other photos of very old headstones and will post those soon. I was looking to see if I recognized any names that may have appeared in any of our genea-blogs, I am not native to San Diego nor do I have any ancestors here. One never knows where you may find your ancestor, so I wanted to share with you!

Take a moment to read the history on this cemetery, there are several buried there that are not native to San Diego or California, there is a list of surnames after the preface and acknowledgements, a few I saw are originally from Wyoming and Colorado.

I really enjoyed walking thru this cemetery, it was very quiet and peaceful, it's tucked away and not many know it's even there.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting indeed. I will have to explore to see if we have common ancestors. Keep up the good work.