Thursday, October 1, 2009

On this day 427 years ago~

It is said that my ninth Grandfather Robert Innes in 19th Baron of Innes ~ b: 1562 ~ d: 1634 ~ married Elisabeth Elphinstone on 1 Oct 1582. Happy Anniversary!

I have not verified this information as of yet, the information was obtained thru a family book created and compiled by Roberta Iiames of Ohio. She has spent over 30 years researching the Innes/I'an's/IIams/Ijams/Iams/Imes/Ijames Family History. Additional source of information from: Lois Ijams Hartman and her privately printed book "Remembered in this Land"
Now being retired - I am looking forward to sourcing and verifying this data hopefully in some way on my own.

It is also said that we are descendants of Edward II King of England, which is Robert Innes ancestor. I have not validated this data. Compiled by: Guy and Roberta Iiames, Springboro, Ohio

~ Roberta has been an incredible support and contributor to my research on the Ijames Family, thank you Roberta, you are very generous with your time and research.

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