Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Brookery Elliott~Ewing

1949 ~ 2005
Brookery Elliott~Ewing

On this day four years ago, Brook passed away suddenly. We miss you deeply Brook, may you rest in peace.

This photo was taken just hours before Brook passed, who would have known. Her photo was taken at work for her ten year celebration that was coming up. Brook is my daughter's step mom.

Original of photo held by her two daughters Mashell and Victoria and her son, Myles. My daughter and I have a framed copy under my framed generation chart, Brook was a big part of our family.


Carol said...

What a lovely tribute!

Astrid said...

Nice tribute. So sad when people die young like that! Astrid.

Elizabeth O'Neal said...

So sorry for your loss, Gini. It's never easy to lose someone you love, especially so suddenly and unexpectedly.