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Jamboree Memories 2010 ~ Arrival and Friday's Events

The Southern California Genealogy Society 2010 Jamboree was an incredible event. I met so many new bloggers and met up with many that I had met at last years Jamboree. I really hope those that were not able to make it this year can make it next year! It sure would be nice to have all geneabloggers together.  I already have the days marked on my calendar!

I haven't had a chance to post sooner, trying to get back into the swing of things and reality! My granddaughter is graduating fifth grade on Monday, June 21, 2010, there has been a school activity each day this last week, so this post is a little late coming.

Thursday afternoon/evening June 10th, 2010 ~

After getting settled in our room at the Burbank Marriott Hotel, I headed down to the "Bloggers Lounge" to meet Cheryl from Heritage Happens...we had met at last years Jamboree. We had a bite to eat together in the Daily Grill catching up on everything and sharing our plans for our next few days ahead.

Jamboree 2009 (don't have a photo of just us this year so I am using last years photo this year!) 
Gini Webb and Cheryl Palmer

After a bite to eat we met up with footnoteMaven creator of Shades of the Departed, Becky Wiseman of Kinexxions, Miriam from AnceStories, Randy Seaver and his wife Linda (Angel) of  Genea-Musings and Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie in the "Bloggers Lounge", Thomas from GeneaBloggers was just checking in. What a great time we had just sitting around and chatting with each other. It's actually much more fun doing that than classes!

Cheryl Palmer, footnoteMaven, Gini Webb
Jamboree 2010, bloggers lounge
Thursday evening

Linda "Angel" Seaver and Craig Manson of GeneaBlogie 
                Thursday evening - Jamboree 2010
Becky Wiseman and Cheryl Palmer                                                                Gini Webb and Becky Wiseman
Friday - Jamboree 2010

We were also able to pre-register for the Jamboree on Thursday evening to avoid the large line on Friday. That sure made it nice and we were able to just head straight for classes Friday morning. We got our name tags (pre-beads and ribbon) - (2 photos above taken on Friday), Syllabus and welcome bag. The bag was very nice to carry lots of stuff around in! I also brought my rolling backpack for my laptop, by the end of the Jamboree, I had stuff everywhere.

Friday June 11th, 2010 ~

Got up bright and early Friday morning...didn't sleep but a few hours! Our hotel neighbor (non Jamboree person) decided to get up at 3:30 a.m., put heels on, clop around relentlessly, and bang things all over the place until 6 a.m.. I wasn't going to let that get to me, nor lack of sleep was going to get in the way of a great Jamboree day!

Amy Coffin, Holly Hansen, A.C. Ivory, Cheryl Palmer, and Thoma MacEntee

Steve and I had breakfast in the Daily Grill (courtesy of Marriott Hotel due to our noisy neighbor). I then met up with Cheryl and the other bloggers in the "Blogger lounge" where we had the GeneaBloggers meet up. Thomas over at GeneaBloggers, Amy at We Tree, Denise from The Family Curator and Joan Miller of the Luxegen Genealogy and Family History blog created the wonderful GeneaBloggers bag with lots of goodies in it, all I can say is we were very lucky geneabloggers! Thank you Thomas, Amy, Denise and Joan for all you did for us! 

Cheryl and I headed over to have our photos and documents scanned by, what a wonderful job they did, they scanned each and every photo and document I had, and put it on this cute little thumbdrive, absolutely free of charge...thank you so much! I love it. thumbdrive holding all of my precious Haf photos and documents
Jamboree 2010

 After dropping our photos and documents off to, Cheryl and I did a bit of walking around the exhibit hall. We sat with Janet Hovorka from The Chart Chick and Generation Maps, with Janet's help, I was able to make my own pedigree chart using ChArtist. I love the program and plan to use it more often. The possibilities are endless and it's very user friendly. 

Then it was time to attend Lisa Louise Cooke's "What You Must Know To Save Your Research From Destruction" class.  I realized how important it is to have a "Genealogy Directive"...great class. You can download a free copy of the the Genealogy Directive by going to her site Genealogy Gems, after scrolling down, on the left hand side, click on Directive for OGS and print your own copy...thank you Lisa.

Directly after Lisa's class, I headed over to a class Thomas MacEntee was giving on "Google Docs". I learned quite a bit in this class but I really need to work with it and become familiar with all of the applications it has to offer. 

After class, Cheryl and I stopped by and picked up our photos and documents that were scanned for us. Several of the other bloggers were not attending the Chris Haley banquet that evening so we all went across the street to a Greek restaurant and had dinner. It was nice sitting around exchanging cards and chatting. After dinner we all ended up back at the bloggers lounge and hung out together for a bit...great way to end a pretty exciting day.


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Jo said...

Gini, I was at Jamboree also, for the first time I might add and had a wonderful time too. I am a geneablogger and saw you around. I am in the geneablogger photo in the top of your post and was wondering if I might have a copy. Thanks so much. I enjoy your blog. Thanks, Jo Arnspiger