Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~ Rest in Peace Nurse Shain

~ Edith Shain, the nurse in the famous V-J photo, passes away at 91 years old ~

Photo owned and held by Gini Webb ~ March 20th 2010 

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Not so Wordless ~

This statue proudly stands at the "Embarcadero" in our San Diego Harbor near the the "USS Midway".

When my brother and his wife came to visit me in March 2010, we strolled along the Embarcadero and took several photos of this statue.

This statue was created from the famous photo taken of the Sailor and Nurse on the 14th of August 1945 in New York's Time Square, celebrating the end of World War II.

The original photo was taken by: Alfred Eisenstaedt and featured in Life Magazine.  It wasn't until 1970 that the identity of the nurse was known.  Edith Shain wrote to the photographer saying she was the woman in the photo. You can read the full article here.   The sailor's identity is still unknown. Edith Shain according to the article passed away on Sunday June 20th, 2010. She was 91 years old.


Carol said...

Wow, did not know about the statue, great photo. Thanks for sharing it.

Terri said...

Amazing Statue - I never knew there was such a thing. Those were hard times for so many - and "V"-day was a celebration that rocked the world!
Nice one Gini!

Gini said...

Thanks Carol and Terri ~
It really is a neat statue! I didn't know this wonderful statue was there until I had gone down to the Harbor with my brother! Pretty sad when you live in the same city, I don't get out much!

Katie said...

Great post! Rest in peace Nurse Shain! Didn't know there was a statue.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

I did not know about the statue either! What an interesting story, thanks for sharing!

my Heritage Happens said...

Another one who didn't know about this statue! That is awesome! Thank you for sharing this, great post!