Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday ~

 ~Flowers from my garden ~


Miriam Robbins said...


Lisa Swanson Ellam said...

Sooooo beautiful!

Claudia said...

That is beautiful, what photo editing program do you use?

Jenna said...

Lovely flowers, is the pink one a Hydranga? I can't get mine to bloom. The one plant that has gotten the best of me!

Gini said...

Thank you all...I love flowers and this is the first year they all look so good!

Claudia, the free photo program I used to make the collage is Picasa. Great program.

Jenna, you are right, the pink one's are Hydrangea' very favorite flower besides Sweet Peas and Violets (all three in photos). I have two Hydrangea plants one is more in the shade and usually has quite a few flower heads, this year, only one bloomed. The other plant is in full sun, tons of full pink heads this year!

I am not quite sure what happened but they are usually very easy to grow. Even if you don't have flowers, the green leaves are still so pretty. If you put a nail in the soil, it will change the acidity and the flower head will come out either purple/blue or pink, not sure which the nail creates.