Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy birthday dear Opa ~

27 February 1907
09 February 1968

My maternal grandfather, Adalbert Haf was born on this day in 1907. Opa, was one of 19 children born to Adalbert (1868-1952) and Emilie 'Schallhammer' (1871-1944) Haf,  in Germany. 
Happy birthday dear Opa! ~ 


my Heritage Happens said...

Another beautiful tribute! Happy belated birthday wishes to your Opa!

Gini said...

Thank you Cheryl..I'm sure mom, Oma, my two uncles and Opa, are having a huge party!

Kathy Reed said...

I saw another beautiful graphic scroll up on my dashboard and I knew it had to be your blog. Beautiful!

Gini said...

Kathy ~ you are too put such a smile on my face...thank you!