Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One Lovely Ancestor Approved Blog ~

I want to thank my fellow bloggers for choosing my blog for these awards. I was given the Ancestor Approved award by several bloggers quite awhile back. Since my mom passed away, my blogging slowed way down, and, I wasn't blogging everyday as it was.Genealogy has somewhat taken a back seat to daily life, grandchildren and the list goes on...all of which keeps me pretty busy and I am now very behind around here.  

Kathleen Reed at Family Matters
Jennifer Wilhelmi at The Erudite Genealogist
John Patton at Patten Genealogy 

I know there are at least four more and I apologize if I have missed noting your name and blog...I am currently cleaning up my email and I am sure I will come across those I have left out...still, I am very grateful and happy to know someone is still reading my oh-so-very-quiet blog. 
I won't be passing these awards on as I see just about everyone has received them at least once! 

Thank you ~


Ginger Smith said...

Congratulations Gini!

Gini said...

Thank you Ginger...I am passing them on to you too!