Saturday, May 7, 2011

Remembering Mom and Oma on Mother's Day ~

Liselotte 'Oma' (Kaiser) Haf  19 Dec 1913 ~ 5 April 2010
Elfriede 'Mom' Haf - Serafin 21 March 1933 ~ 21 July 2010

This will be my first Mother's day without my mom here and the second without Oma. I still want to say . . . Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful, loving and giving women in my life. Thank you Oma for being a wonderful grandmother and giving me the most incredible mom a daughter could have . . . you both are missed so much . . . your memory lives in us each and everyday . . .
                                                                Love ~ Gini

~ Happy Mother's Day to each and every mom out there ~

This same photo collage was created and posted for Mother's Day in 2010 > here < Dates have been changed for 2011.


Carol said...

Lovely Gini, may your memories always be wonderful and joyful.

Kathy Reed said...

This is beautiful. I wasn't following your blog last year so the collage was new to me. Your mother and grandmother would be so proud.

Gini said...

Thank you, Kathy. Mom actually did get to see this collage on my Mother's day post last year. I remember her saying how much she loved it and that photo of her and her mom . . . we had just lost my Oma (mom's mom) in April 2010, so Mothers day was difficult for her . . . this had brought a smile to her beautiful face.

Judy Webster said...

The first Mother's Day without your Mum is so hard. Been there, done that, and my heart goes out to you.