Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Breckenridge News ~ June 21, 1905

On this day . . . daily happenings were printed in  
The Breckenridge Newspaper of my Jarboe, Pate, Ryan, Tabeling and Taul family history ~

8 PAGES        NO. 49

~ Page 8 ~

  • Miss Nannie Ryan, of Pisgah, was here shopping last Tuesday.
  • Curtis Pate was the guest of Miss Mayme Seaton last Sunday.
  • Wick Pate and Nat Taul sold to Clark Owen last week a fine flock of lambs. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Furrow were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Taul last Sunday. 
  • Wm Tabeling and two daughters of Wichita, Kan., are here visiting friends and relatives.
  • Misses Maggie, Lillie and Minnie Bates, of Pisgah, were the guests of their aunt Mrs. Samuel Taul, last week. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hawkins visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Pate, at Cloverport last Saturday and Sunday. 
  • Mrs. Milly Pate, who has been visiting her grand-daughter, Mrs. Alfred Hawkins, and other relatives, has returned home.
  • Mrs. Samuel Taul left last Saturday for Hites Run, where she will visit her daughter, Mrs. John Elder, and other relatives. 
  • Every farmer should hear the speech of H. B. Sherman, national organizer of the American Society of Equity. He will speak at the Fourth of July picnic given by W. N. Pate, John O'Riley, Huse Alexander and Jubal Hook at Hardinsburg. 


  • Mrs. P. M. Rigdon, of El Paso, Tex. is visiting her father, G. W. Jarboe. 

Pages, 1, 2, and 4 . . . also mentions my Pate Ancestors ~ (click on page numbers for direct links).

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Every Wednesday, The Breckenridge News, and it's eight seven-column pages would provide a mix of local community and political news, a sampling of broad general interest stories, and opinion pieces by local columnists.   John D. Babbage, the owner, started The Breckenridge News on July 22, 1876 and continued publication until his death in 1934. His daughter, Mildred Babbage, took over the paper as editor until her death in 1949. The paper was then taken over by W.G. Polk, the grandson of John D. Babbage, ending one year later. You can read the full history of The Breckenridge Newspaper of Cloverport, KY by clicking on this ~ link ~.

The Breckenridge News is a wonderful source for me to discover and learn of the daily happenings of my ancestors and extended family members.

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Kathy Reed said...

I'm assuming you are using the Kentuckian Digital Library. I used it to solve one of my ten-year old brick walls. I love reading about the items our ancestors thought were "newsworthy".

Gini said...

Yes, Kathy, I am using the Kentuckian Digital Library (link above) and it is wonderful. I love sitting and reading the daily news of what our ancestors were up to! I am hoping too it will tear down my great grandmother Louella Jarboe's brickwall . . . I keep reading and hoping!
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Linda Gartz said...

So classic small-town "news." I've seen newspapers in small towns even today that celebrate what was important in individuals' lives. It's more interesting to me than finding which celebrity is cheating on another! Thanks for your comment on my blog post! I look forward to reading about your grandfather's "work book."