Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday to my uncles, Adi and Helmut ~


Today, seventy-one years ago,  my Uncles, Helmut (1940 ~1994) and
Adalbert (1940 ~ 2004) identical twins, were born in Augsburg, Germany, to Adalbert and Liselotte Haf née Kaiser-Saule. 

They are dearly missed and forever in our hearts.
Happy Birthday!

Ich liebe dich


Sue McPeak said...

How neat to remember your ancestors on their birthdays with posts and photos like this one. I do the same by leaving Flowers on my Ancestors Find A Grave Memorials. In my heart I know they are pleased.

Thanks for stopping by CollectInTexas Gal and becoming a Follower. I'm really enjoying finding other Genealogist Blogs on GeneaBloggers. I look forward to seeing your posts there...I've added you to my sidebar Blog List, so I won't miss a single one of your posts.

Gini said...

Thank you, Texas Gal . . . I love Find-a-grave, it feels good to leave flowers on our ancestor's memorials and forever keep their memories alive. What a wonderful site it is.

I love your blogs and I too have added yours to my blog list . . . and your photo blog to my photo blog list! I enjoy reading your posts and seeing your wonderful photos.