Sunday, July 15, 2012

Remembering my Cousin, Jim Eimes ~

Remembering on this day,  my cousin, Jim ~ Rest in Peace . . . .


~ Building Dedication Ceremony Booklet ~

He served as a prototype nuclear plant instructor from 1970 until 1973 when he was selected for the Naval Enlisted Scientific Education Program. He earned his bachelor's degree and a master's degree in nuclear engineering from Purdue University in 1977. He was then commissioned as an ensign in the U.S. Navy in 1977. James was hand selected by Admiral Hyman G. Rickover for duty at Naval Reactors ( a joint program of the Department of the Navy and the Department of Energy) with cradle-to-grave responsibility for the reactors aboard all U.S. naval nuclear-powered warships. He retired from the Navy in 1989.

A building in Bremerton, Washington, was dedicated in his name:

A4W Fleet Interactive Display Equipment (FIDE) Training Simulator on September 11, 2008.

Building Dedication Ceremony front page of booklet reads as:

In recognition of his tireless commitment
to the training principles of the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program,

we dedicate this building on September 11, 2008 to the memory of


"Too much training is just about right"



Carol said...

A lovely tribute, the graphic is beautiful.

Gini said...

Thank you, Carol . . . sad part is that I never had the wonderful opportunity to meet my cousin, Jim but, I feel as if I have gotten to know him thru his legacy and family. Glad you stopped by!