Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Emilie Schmidt

Emilie Schmidt née Haf
(birth and death date unknown - still searching)
Augsburg, Germany
 Godmother and great-aunt to your's truly, the keeper of our
family history . . . .


Jacqi Stevens said...

Beautiful picture, Gini. I love her expression! Surely you have your guesses about the date range, based on this photography style and fashions. Hopefully, you will find more about her!

Gini said...

Thank you, Jacqi . . . at this point I am very frustrated. I have so little info on her . . . I do have an idea about her age but she is much younger than my grandfather . . . the hunt is on so we will see!

Sue McPeak said...

Hi Gini...Great to see you back in the 'Ancestor Hunting'...and what a lovely picture. Keep searching...the info is out there somewhere. I FINALLY found my Great Grandmother Martha Jane's Death Information after searching for two years. The circumstances of her death and where she is buried has been the greatest sorrow of all the information I've uncovered in my Family Tree Research. Email me when you have time, and I'll share the story with you.