Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Birthday Wishes for cousin, Laura Tabeling ~

Jan. 29, 1900
Feb. 11, 1976
Saint Mary of the Woods Cemetery
Breckinridge Co., McQuady, Kentucky 


Remembering my 1st cousin, 2x removed. Laura was born on this day, the 29th of January, 1900, in Breckinridge Co., Kentucky, one-hundred thirteen years ago, today.

Little did I know in April of 2008, when we drove to Kentucky from California and found this wonderful cemetery and took this photo, that Laura was one of my cousins. I had just started doing my family history in 2008.

When I visited Saint Mary of the Woods cemetery, there were several TABELING grave sites and I was making sure I snapped photos of all their graves, not really knowing of our kinship, yet, if any. These photos have been tucked away on my computer since then.  Slowly, I am learning more and more of my Tabeling ancestors. Happy Birthday cousin, Laura ~


my Heritage Happens said...

It is to bad you never knew her....nice post Gini!

Anonymous said...

It is a good thing you had the foresight to photograph all the stones with the surname. I wish I had done the same the last time I went to the family cemetery in Massachusetts.

Janine Adams said...

How wonderful it must have been to identify a cousin and discover that you had a photo of her grave marker in your collection! It never occurred to me to photograph graves of potential relatives. That's a terrific idea!