Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Haf Family Vacation ~

~ A Haf Family Vacation ~ 
My maternal German family
In the 1930's (no date on back of photo).

My Oma, Liselotte Haf nee Kaiser~Saule, (1913~2010) is on the left with the glasses
and my Opa, Adalbert Haf (1097~1968 is at the front of the boat in the light suit. I do not know the names of the other family members. 


Jana Iverson Last said...

What a great photograph Gini!

Gini said...

Thank you so much Jana . . . I want to try and start posting many of these photos I have . . . they are just hiding in boxes or on my computer . . . it's time to bring out the ancestors!

my Heritage Happens said...

What a different and fun photo!

Gini said...

Cheryl, I guess my Haf grandparents and the great grands use to go boating frequently. I have several photos of them doing that. Interesting huh. Sure wish I had more of the story on these wonderful outings.