Thursday, January 11, 2018

Throw Back Thursday ~ Adalbert Haf ~

1936 ca ~ Photo of my maternal grandfather, Adalbert Haf (front and center of photo) out mountain climbing with his friends. He loved mountain climbing in the Alps and loved the flower, "Edelweiss" aka, Leontopodium nivale. On a few of his mountain climbing trips to the Alps, Opa Adalbert picked several and mailed them to my mom, she preserved them and now I have them . . . I'm so lucky to be the keeper of these sweet treasures. 

Opa passed away in 1968 and mom put one of the Edelweiss flowers (on the right) next to his photo in her magnetic memorial album . . . I have scanned the entire memorial album and now in the process of re-doing it into an archival safe photo album. 

Adalbert Haf ~ maternal grandfather to yours truly ~
b. 27 Feb 1907 ~ Kempten, Allgaeu, Bavaria Germany
d. 9 Feb 1968 ~ Augsburg, Bavaria Germany 

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