Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of School~ My grandaughter, Emma

When I did the "Smile for the Camera 17th Edition" I did not have a photo for my post, (thank you FootnoteMaven - you make me feel so young!), I will add the photo of Emma at our front door as I had described in my School Days post so that it is complete, but in the meantime here are a few photos below.
My granddaughter Emma's first day of school!

She is my oldest granddaughter, there are six more grandchildren to share (I will share in a later post)! Emma is the little lady in the middle, her two good friends on each side of her! She is such a sweetie. Emma is very interested in genealogy and wants her Oma's (me) help in getting started! Oma is more than happy to oblige.

First Day of School Sept 2009
Left to right - Marina, Emma (my granddaughter) and Alexa, 5th grade.
Photo held by Gini Webb (address for personal use) San Diego, CA

First Day of School (actually a few days later that I took, Emma's mom has first day photos)
Digital photo taken and held by Gini Webb (address for private use) San Diego, CA

This is the traditional photo we have taken since Emma's first day of school in Kindergarten. I will have to dig out the last 4 years! It would be great to see the how she has grown and what she picked to wear on the first day of school. She is getting so big. Holding up her hand is letting us know she is in the 5th grade!


Thomas MacEntee said...

You are way too young to have grandchildren! What beautiful children - they really are a blessing and it sounds like they have a wonderful Grandma!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing Gini