Tuesday, September 8, 2009

School Days ~ Smile for the Camera 17th Edition

Smile for the Camera 17th Edition ~ School Days submission hosted by FootnoteMaven at Shades of the Departed

Well I hunted high and low for a school photo of an ancestor - none to be found. So I am going to share the tradition we have put in place here at home.

It started with our first grandchild, Emma. On her first day of Kindergarten, we would have her stand at our front door (our grandchildren and my daughter live with us) in her brand new outfit and have her picture taken. Each year on the first day of school she would stand in the same spot at the same front door and have her picture taken! She just started 5th grade! Her brother Ethan just started Kindergarten, the tradition is continuing with him! My daughter has not downloaded the photos so I don't have them to post. I think it's a great way to see how they have grown, and the outfits they chose to wear! All of our girls are adopting this tradition with their children.

I have shared this with other grandparents and parents alike - I always get the comment, "What a great idea!" It really is.

As I was checking out other blogs with School Days Submissions, I see that Lisa Jarvis had the same idea and posted them on Shades of the Departed, I love hers and the scrapbook she put together, another great idea.

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Linda Hughes Hiser said...

That is a great idea. I think the only first day photos I took of my own two boys was their first day of school--Kindergarten. No grandchildren yet for me.