Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar ~ Christmas Cards Day 4

Please note: This post originally ran for the Advent Calendar of Memories in December 2009 ~ My love of cards increases each year!  I have a wonderful collection of cards & post cards from Germany from family members. 

This card is from my uncle Adi (1940 ~ 2004) and aunt Gitta 2002

This is the Rathaus Plaza, Augsburg, Germany. The clock tower, and the town city hall ~ the birth place of the author of this blog. Augsburg is over 2000 years old - each and everyday I watch a webcam of this plaza and right now the Christmas market is alive and bustling. It's like being right there! Keep in mind they are nine hours ahead, best time to view the webcam has been around nine a.m. California time. The Christmas lights, the street cars and the huge Christmas tree is a sight to behold. My Oma lives very close to this plaza. I remember walking around the shops on a trip back home. There are webcam's all over the world, it's amazing to watch them.


This card and tag, was made by my cousin Marion, we share the love of cardmaking!

I have had a passion for cards ever since I was a very little girl. I love making cards, sending them and receiving them. It's probably safe to say that I have an addiction to cards as much as I have to genealogy now! I have gone so far as keeping most cards that have been given to me. I have gotten better, and I pick and choose what I keep now. I have created a system so it is not out of control! I hunted high and low for a file box that was pleasing to look at, currently it's a Victorian floral. I use a file folder with a label for each person. Those pretty file folders are what holds each precious card I keep. I can go back, read and look at each card and letter anytime. It feels as if I am with that person for a little while.

Card on the right is from my Oma Lieselotte >>

Cards are very important to me. I can remember as far back as the third grade when I penned a thank you card to my best friend Sandy's mom for letting me spend the night. It is said that Nita, who is my second mom, still has that thank you note. I am going to ask her because I would love to see that one! I always gave a thank you card for the littlest things, or just a card to say hello ~ I am thinking of you ~ get well ~ any reason at all.

Christmas is the best time. Each day receiving a card is exciting and I look forward to opening it. I use a letter opener, never tearing the envelope! I write the date received on the card and when I responded. I know I am a bit weird, but I told you, I have a thing for cards.


I started out with store bought cards and added stickers, not the cutesy kind but Victorian die cut type of stickers. Then I went on to stamping and embossing, then I would do both! Now I try and make my own cards as time permits. I enjoy the "hands on" feel of the paper and personalizing the card to each person or event. I am slowly learning digi-scrapping as I would like to learn to do some cards on my computer.

Card on the right is from my uncle Adi and aunt Gitta and cousin Marion 1993 >>

This card is from my Oma (grandmother) 2005

I knew the ones I wanted to focus on were the ones from my Oma Lieselotte, my aunt Gitta, uncle Adi, and my cousin Marion ~~ all from Germany. As I was going thru the folders, I had many different emotions, I realized I hadn't visited these treasures in a long time, partly because my two twin uncles have passed, I miss them and life has just been busy. I am so glad I have kept all my cards.

This card was handmade for me by my aunt Gitta
Sadly, I don't have the year this card was made.

It was very difficult just to pick a few. There are so many beautiful cards to share that I could be here for a long time!

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Astrid said...

I love the cards! So pretty. Love your blig, too!

Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I get cards from husband's family from Spain, and I think the European Christmas cards are so much more memorable than the American ones! I've saved most of them over the years.

Susan Clark said...

I love your cards! You've changed my perspective altogether. Thanks so for sharing them. (Love the snowflakes too!)

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

These are great Gini! When my brother was stationed in Germany we got some neat German cards and gifts. Wish I'd kept some of the cards but I didn't.

Tammy Renee said...

Lovely cards Gini. I see card making runs in the family