Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas ~

A little Christmas cheer from my home to yours ~
~ Merry Christmas ~ 


The Christmas tree that stands so beautiful and tall, adorned with ornaments as old as I am...belonged to my beautiful mom. I recently inherited her family room tree (artificial ) and ornaments. At first, it was difficult but as I continued to decorate for the holidays...I felt surrounded by her and all Christmas things she loved so much. I have to say, it feels good, and I think now the hard part will be having to take it all down.

I also inherited only part of her Thomas Kincade Christmas Village collection...there are many more pieces to the collection I hope to own someday. It's a beautiful village and each time I look at it...I smile and mom warms my heart and I know she is here with our family.

  ~ Happy Holidays and warm Christmas wishes to all of the genea~bloggers and your families ~ and to making many new memories in the New Year for generations to come . May all your genea~wishes come true ~    
                                  2009  Christmas blog card ~


my Heritage Happens said...

So VERY BEAUTIFUL Gini! Merry Christmas to you and your family! May love abound!

Barbara Poole said...

Gini, your card is just beautiful, the prettiest I've seen. I could look at your mom's tree for ever, and I'm sure she is glad you posted this. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas (at this difficult time).

Carol said...

Merry Christmas Gini, like Barbara says, the prettiest card I have seen. Your mother's tree is fantastic, enjoy it, may it fill your heart with warm and wonderful memories.

Gini said...

Cheryl, Barbara and Carol ~ thank you so much for enjoying my mom's Christmas tree, ornaments and village with has surrounded us with her love and warmth.

Merry Christmas my genea-friends!

√Čire Historian said...

Merry Christmas Gini, to you and your family. May your Christmas be filled with wonderful memories of your Mom. Cheers! Jennifer